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Sister Gift Anyanwu

Lagos, Nigeria.

I joined The Lord’s Chosen in 2006 and I thank God for making me a Chosen. God of Chosen broke the yoke of child death in my life. It happened that after my marriage, in 2003 I gave birth but the child died shortly after and in 2005, I took in again and delivered the baby but the baby died again. So in 2006, I joined The Lord’s Chosen and sowed a seed of N1000. I promised God that I will give Him N15,000 if He will give me a child that will live and today I have come to fulfill my vow. You can see my child. God of chosen has answered me. He has taken away my sorrow and put smiles and testimony in my mouth. I pray that as many that are looking for one thing or the other, trust in this our God as He has answered me, He will answer each and every one of you in Jesus name. I wish my Pastor heaven at last. To God be the glory!

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Sis Dorothy Alagboso

Orlu Imo State Nigeria

I want to thank the Almighty God for granting me an instant relief from four years bondage of walking with the aid of a walking stick, which was as a result of arthritis. My daughter brought me to the Aba 2010 crusade and there, the Pastor commanded that those, who for years could not make use of their body should rise up and walk in Jesus Name. Then, Instantly, strength came into my body and I saw that I could use my body once again and walk freely. The God of Chosen is indeed great. It is a great miracle, I can hardly believe it. I give the God of Chosen all the glory; may His holy name be highly praised.

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Bright Okoro

Vitoria Spain.

Glory be God in Jesus Name, I thank God for all His goodness and mercy towards me, the Lord had been so good to me, I'm very, very thankful to my Daddy in heaven. All my needs are met, my God has given me a wife, I'm in good health, I've more than enough. Glory be to God. Brother Bright.

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