Bro, Innocent Mbuzo

Lagos, Nigeria.

He atteneded the lords Chosen the first time, during the programme tittled, " Time For God to Prove His Power" which was held at the Lords Chosen Revival ground at Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria. Having heard the undiluted word of God, without wasting time he gave his life to Christ who rolled away the sin of smoking and drinking which he was into for two years. He further testified that he sowed a seed of N5,000. 00 (five thousand naira) and the God of Chosen granted him a favour of N500,000.00 (five hundred thousand naira),in return. Praise God.

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Bro. Ifeanyichukwu Ilechukwu

I reside in the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State.

I came to visit my sister who lives at ijesha here in Lagos. She is a bonafide member of this great movement The Lord's Chosen. Beloved, am a 1987 graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka; married with 4 children but for the past 26 years l have been perverted, messed-up, disappointed, disgraced and grounded on the floor as a result of hard drugs. I got a job at the oil industry 'Haliburton Energy Services to be precised but hard drugs made me to lose that job. I was one of the most relied assistant in Haliburton. The spirit of hard drugs turned me to white haired man. This thing made me jobless, made me to hate my children. Sometimes, early in the morning l will leave my house only to God who knows where and would be roaming on the streets, only to appear in my house by 11p.m or 12p.m. This was as a result of hard drugs. It imparted in me demonic wisdom that made me excel in many evil endeavours. I became a fornicator, adulterer, masturbator and a prostitute. I am not a member of any cult group in the campus but l was incharge of all the cult groups. I was their master. I was dying and l knew l was dying. I visited this great movement first time in 2004 but l went back and did not come again untill on monday 16th November 2009, l had a burden and l decided to come down to Lagos on Tuesday. When my sister saw me, she said "Wednesday is new comers class, I will take you to The Lord's Chosen". We came and she took me to see the Pastor at the old auditorium by the help of Bro. Anselem who was at Nsukka Branch of the Church. When Pastor came out, the weather changed. He looked at me. He called me, placed his hand on my forehead and prayed for me. Beloved, l want to tell you that from that moment after his prayer, the yoke of spirit of hard drugs broke in my life. Hard drug addiction, spirit of fornication, adultery and prostitution all disappeared. God of Chosen delivered me and destroyed in me the urge of robbery, stealing, cultism etc. Today am free from sin. I would have told you all the evil l did but because of time. There is no water in warri l did not bath. Infact, To Almighty God be the glory. I promise to remain a Chosen.

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Bro.Thomas Monday

Karimu, Abuja-Nigeria.

My testimony goes like this. I came to The Lord's Chosen on 1st December, 2008. As l came, God of chosen granted me genuine salvation. I heard the undiluted word of God from the General Overseer, it was as if the preaching was centered on me and it melted my heart. Then l made up my mind and gave my life to Jesus Christ. And God turned around and delivered me from the yoke of 24 years Indian hemp smoking which almost wasted my life. Infact l realized that salvation is the principle thing, when you gain it, God will see you through. Today, l do not near those that are smoking even the odour makes me to vomit. I thank God for delivering me from this yoke of sin after 24 years. Secondly, it happened on the 28th November, 2008. I was totally paralyzed. My brothers gathered together and were deliberating on were to take me to, some said l should be taken to herbalist, some said hospital while some said church but one was so desperate about taking me to The Lord's Chosen, then they started arguing about which church. Eventually, they took me to The Lord's Chosen. As soon as the Pastor prayed for me. I was made whole. Instantly l started using my legs and can move my hands. I thank the Almighty God for commissioning our Pastor into the mandate of winning 10 billion souls. May the Good God grant him the maximum grace to fulfill it in Jesus name Amen.

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Sis. Oluchukwu Adibe

Ikotu, Lagos, Nigeria.

I thank God for granting me genuine salvation. I was a prostitute and while I was in the trade, I drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes and did other forms of wickedness but I thank God for saving me from the hands of the devil after two good years in the evil trade as I came in contact with the God of Chosen in December 2009 through my brother’s wife. Today, I am a Chosen and I do not drink and smoke again, I am now free from the spirit of fornication. I say may His name alone be glorified in Jesus name, Amen.

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Chijioke Lazarus Nwaneri

53/55 Mitimnis,Athens Greece

I am 34years, l was a smoker of india-hemp for 12years, cigarette smoking and drinking for 17years, but last month when l was watching Chosen Television in my house in Athens, l heard Pastor Lazarus Muoka preaching on these bad habits,the GOD of Chosen touched me and behold l have never tried them again till today, and will never do them again. GOD of chosen na BABA.

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Bro. Saint Okechukwu


My first visit to The Lord’s Chosen was 2005 in Owerri. I want to thank God for granting me a genuine salvation. God of Chosen broke the yoke of drinking and smoking and drove them away from me. In this experience, l gave up my beer parlour and continued with the God of Chosen. Now He has blessed me with a house, car and speed boat. Also l was involved in a terrible accident that took away the life of about 70 people but God in His infinite mercies delivered me. I am thanking God for His protection and also for granting all my request at the last Mgbidi crusade. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Edozie Enwelu

Kano State

I joined Chosen in November,2009. I want to thank God for making me a Chosen and for granting me a genuine salvation. Prior to my coming to Chosen, I was into terrible evil. I was into drinking alcohol, smoking Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin, kate and ecstasy drugs, fornication, fighting etc. At least I used to take these drugs every thirty minutes and if anybody tells me that I will stop the use of these drugs, I will not believe him / her because it was my food. Even when I joined Chosen, heard the salvation message of the Pastor, I was asking how can I stop drinking and smoking but how God did it is what I don’t know. That very day I came to Chosen was the day God saved me and delivered me. Again, I was an idol worshipper it was my father that initiated me into that idol worship and that idol has been following and tormenting me. When I joined Chosen, those idols said if I leave them that they will kill me and so, they have been visiting and tormenting me in the dream every day. The battle was too much for me to bear and I made up my mind to leave Chosen and joined them instead of them to kill me. But God of Chosen said no, He said I will live and worship Him. It happened that in one of my dreams where they were chasing me, a snake appeared and opened its mouth and all of them started entering its mouth and consumed them all. Then I woke up. I prepared to testify at this Mgbidi but devil said I will not give the testimony. On 28th December,2010, I was coming back from Kano, after Abuja we were heading to Abaji we had an accident in which three people died instantly. I thank God for delivering me from that untimely death. I wish our Pastor heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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