Sis Ngozi Micheal

Lagos - Lagos.

She was thanking God of Chosen who made it possible for her to come in contact with the Lord's Chosen Revival Church. She testified how her son was afflicted with arrow of madness after he had a terrible accident. Then in Benin Crusade, Doctor Jesus touched him and broke the yoke of 9 years madness. She was very happy for what God did in the life of her son. Praise God.

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Bro. Amem Asukwuo

Lagos - Nigeria.

His brother standing with him, suffered from the spirit of insanity for 12 years and he was also diabetic for 3 months but on getting to the Lord's Chosen Church, on one of the Programmes, God of Chosen intervened and healed his brother and the yoke of madness was broken and diabetes of 3 months healed after the prayer of the Pastor. They are totally free. Chosen praise God.

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Sis. Rosemary Ulomacho

Lagos - Nigeria.

She was afflicted with the spirit of Madness for nine years. She suffered from this affliction from year 2000 till 2008. She had been taken to so many places for healing but to no avail. Untill she was brought to the Lord's Chosen crusade at Mgbidi January 2009, as the General Pastor was praying, 'he mentioned her case in prayers, immediatly something left her body and she became healed. Now the yoke of madness has been broken.praise the Lord.

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Bro. Maduabuchi Dibia

Lagos - Nigeria.

God of Chosen is a wonder working God, a miracle worker and mightier than all. As our brother came to the Lord's Chosen Revival Movement,in a crusade day, the God of chosen did wonders in his life by proving His power in his life. God broke the yoke 13 to 14 years of madness. Praise God.

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Bro. Paul Chidiebere

Abuja - Nigeria.

He was carried into Abuja crusade on the programme tittled, "God's Perfect Touch",he was under the yoke of insanity for one year.The Pastor was praying, making declarations, suddenly, the power of God went for him, and instantly, the spirit of madness left him and he regained consciousness. Chosen praise God.

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Bro. Jude Izuchukwu Okafor

Ezi-owerri in Anambra State.

My name is Sister Grace Okafor l am testifing on behalf of my son Jude .l.Okafor who was mad for 6 years.I have been taking him anywhere l heard they cure madness.This madness was not serious untill after the death of his father 4 years ago.After the burial, his condition became worse to the extent that the chain he is carrying has been on him since 4 years. A brother that came from Kano told me about this Onitsha crusade. He told me to take Jude my son there, that God will heal him.We came on saturday, the first day of the crusade. The rain that morning was showering on us but the Pastor said we should stay were we are that the rain is a blessing and anybody who came with any sickness will not go with it.After the Pastor's prayers and message was going, l heard who was calling mama, mama come and remove this chain suddenly he started crying. There l knew that something had happened to him. I called him and he answered.I called people to assist me in removing the chain.The moderator asked him some questions and he answered perfectly. O! l thank the God of Chosen for wiping away this tears from my eyes. Today, l and my entire family will worship This God of Chosen. He is the prayer answering God. To God be the Glory.

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Sis. Chinyere Nwanyi

Nnewi in Anambra State, Nigeria.

"When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them". Psa126:1-2. This God of Chosen proved His words in my family and in my son's life. I joined The Lord's Chosen on 10th December, 2009. Though,I have been a Christian for years in a bible believing Church. I had a burden concerning my son who has been mad for 7 years now. My son has been mad right from Jos, Plateau State were he was brought back. But what l saw yesterday, in this Mgbidi crusade, baffled me as we came here. God of Heaven touched him and his consciousness came back. My son's name is Chinenyenwa, as it became obvious that he was perfectly normal, he told me to go and give his testimony that he is healed. People around saw the situation and were baffled too. God of Chosen na Ba-baa. To God be the Glory.

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Bro. Joshua lsa

Mararaba Region, Abuja, Nigeria.

There was a plot of land purchased at the cost of one hundred and fifty thousand naria (N150,000). At a stage, the land was at the verge of being lost. l sowed a seed, God did not only protect and preserve the land, He gave me additional four plots of land in choice places. ln another development, God healed my brother of madness he suffered for four months. When he was afflicted with madness, he was very violent. He did not give any one rest. My parents took him to all the known places where such sickness could be cured but the problem continued. When l came, l also took him to the places l thought could bring solution to his problem but the madness continued. When we had no idea of what to do again, God in His own way directed me to The Lord's Chosen service. As we came to the service, God in His miraculous way healed him. From that year 2007, he was healed; God has proved Himself in his life. He is a worker in the ministry. lt happened that we all in the family came from the background of idol worshippers. All the members of the family are moslems, but in the year 2001, l gave my life to Christ. ln the year 2007, when my brother was healed of this madness in The Lord's Chosen, all my people; my father, mother, brothers and sisters who had been moslems became christians. l thank God for proving Himself in our lives. To God be the glory!

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Sister Grace Oguoma

Bende L.G.A Abia State Nigeria

My strong faith in the Lord has brought about my healing from four years madness. I have been under the torment of the spirit of madness for the past four years. In the course of this madness, I have been taken to several healing homes including churches but the spirit refused to leave me. I joined The Lord’s Chosen ministry in November 29, 2008 and was at Mgbidi crusade in January 2009. However, the spirit of madness still possessed my body. In the course of the preparation for this crusade, I told myself and God that the moment my feet step into Mgbidi crusade ground that the spirit of madness must leave my body. While I was coming for the crusade, my song was whether God was going or coming he must not pass me by. As I was singing this song, the evil spirit spoke to me saying that I should remember that I was at Mgbidi crusade last year, that he will still live in my body. As the voice came, I rebuked it immediately and kept on believing God for my healing. While the testimonies were going on, I kept on calling on God to remember me and never to pass me by. Immediately the Pastor mounted the pulpit, he mentioned my case. I fell under anointing and the evil spirit came and put on death robe on me. The ushers carried me to the front of the alter. While I was lying down in front of the alter, the angel of God came and told me that he will remove the death robe from me. The clothe was removed. As soon as the clothe was removed the spirit of madness left my body and there was complete restoration of my normal sense. Today, I have been healed of the madness that lasted for four years. In a related development, God healed me of two year hotness of the body that has kept me uncomfortable for the past four years. It was during the crusade in Lagos titled, “That Yoke Must Break” that the Pastor mentioned the case and the hotness of the body stopped. I am grateful to God for divine healing upon my life. To God is the glory!

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Sister Veronica Okediachi

Ibuzor, Delta State

I am thanking God for rescueing the soul of my son from destruction and for granting him life. After my son's graduation from school, he secured a job in Abuja. He worked for two years in the employment and the devil struck him with the spirit of madness. when the spirit of madness took over his life, he left the job in Abuja and returned to Ibuzor our home town. When he came, we took him to hospital for treatment but all the efforts we made to get him healed of the madness did not work out. Apart from orthodox medicine, we also tried the alternative medicine but the sickness continued. At a stage, he ran out and started walking from place to place. He trekked from Ibuzor to Onitsha and kept on wandering about in onitsha. A member of The Lord's Chosen in our town told us to look for him and bring him to The Lord's Chosen. We searched for him several days and eventually found his hide out at Onitsha. This time he was walking about naked. We got hold of him, put shirt and trousers on him and brought him to The Lord's Chosen Service, his deliverance started. As he came to the Mgbidi crusade and prayer was made, he became healed. His senses has come back to normal and he can speak sensibly. I am grateful to God for the divine healing upon my son. To God be the glory!

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Bro. Emmanuel Nwaebulu

No.10 Zion Street, Ngwa Road By East Aba, Abia State. Nigeria.

I Want to thank the Almighty God, the God of the Chosen, who in his infinite mercies restored me from the spirit of insanity which lasted for fifteen years. Accoding to the person that brought me, "When I became insane, I started wondering everywhere as a mad man, picking my food from the dustbin, and this continued until the mercy of the Almighty God located me. I was brought to the Aba 2010 crusade titled, "Time for God to Prove His Power." The one to whom all power belongs has indeed proved His power in my situation. The Lord sent packing on the first day of the crusade the evil spirit that had inhabited my senses these years and restored me. After the prayers of His servant that day. I thank God so much for what he has done in my life. Praise the Lord.

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Sister Christiana John


I thank God for delivering and healing me from the spirit of insanity. I had been insane/mad for sometime now. While this condition lasted, at times, if I boarded okada the evil spirit would tell me to jump out from the okada, my destination was not known to me. Am always straying from one point to another. In that state of madness, people were always afraid of me. But my time of visitation came last October, God touched and healed me of the madness. Today, am hale and hearty and testify the wonders of God in my life. Praise God.

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Bro. Emmanuel Chimuanya

Abia State

I want to thank the Almighty God, the God of Chosen for rolling away three years affliction of madness away from my brother's life. God healed him of 3 years madness as I came to Chosen. It happened that I joined The Lord’s Chosen in July 2007, and I came from Abia State. Before I came to The Lord’s Chosen, I was living in sin but the very day I came to Chosen, I heard the message of the Pastor about salvation, I wept and then gave my life to God. I came to Chosen as a result of my brother’s sickness. Having given my life to Christ, I started to present my brother’s case to God. During the crusade entitled “ Hope For The Needy last year, I brought him and our Pastor declared that all those in chains be loosed and instantly my brother received his healing. Today, 3 years madness has been rolled away from my brother’s life and now he is normal. In that same programme, our Pastor declared favour for all the participants and to the glory of God, on December, 2nd 2010, I received a favour of N345,400 I thank God of Chosen for answering all my prayers. I wish our Pastor heaven at last. To God be the glory!

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Zamiwe Mbewe

Lusaka, Zambia

I joined The Chosen in September March, 2011, my husband Victor Banda got mad, developed mental illness. I called my local Pastor, Paul Oseghale and he said, "don't worry your husband will be normal by tomorrow". God confirmed the word of his servant, and by 04:00 hours my husband was normal again. I wish my Pastor and the General Overseer, Heaven at last!

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Okezie Victory Kelechi

5, Adenekan Street, Fadeyi, Lagos

I want to thank God of Chosen for delivering me from one week Spirit of Madness my room mates planned and manipulated in to my life in August 2012. Also thanking God of Chosen for granting me a miracle accommodation. May his name be highly exalted Amen.

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Sister Odinaka Nwankwo

Anambra State,Nigeria

I am thanking God for making me a Chosen. I joined Chosen in 2011. Before this time, I have been searching for the fruit of the womb but immediately I entered Chosen, I was blessed with a bouncing baby girl after four years. In addition, God of Chosen did another wonders in my life that made me to come to Chosen. I was sick and went to hospital. At the hospital, I was given drip but over dosed and it caused madness. I was chained. All efforts to hold me even in those chains proved abortive. I overpowered all the men that came to hold me. Eventually I was taken to Enugu State to a particular herbal man. The man charged than one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to treat me. When I was at the herbalist place, I was calling on God of Chosen to show me mercy. Suddenly, I saw the angel of our Pastor and in that State I was the only one seeing that angel. Suddenly I went to the angel and begged the angel to loose the chains in my hands and feet and he loosed my hands and feet and it became physical. The chains dropped physically and I got myself and told my father-in-law that I have received my healing, that we should come and enter vehicle so that we could go because as at this time, we were still begging the herbalist that charged N100,000 to reduce the money for us. Eventually, my brother in-law said they should bring me to Lagos. As soon as I was brought at the old auditorium Pastor, in the course of his prayers mentioned my case and prayed and I received my total healing. Chosen praise the Lord

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Brother David Obumneke

Abia State. Nigeria

I joined Chosen March, last year (2012) Am grateful to God for making me a Chosen. When i repented in my former church in 2010, i had zeal to serve God though i was planning to travel outside country but the motive of travelling outside was wrong because i planned to go into fraud. I had even gone to learn computer so that it will help me in dubious practice outside. Later i heard from those inside fraud business that they used to fast and when they fast, their trip is usually successful. I entered into seven days fasting and prayer, i prayed for God to show me the Chruch he would serve him, however, three days into the fasting, I developed madness and I was chained and the journey started. i was being carried from pillar to post seeking for solution. At times I would get myself and once i got myself, i would runaway, searching for a true ministry where i would serve God. Sometime last year at about June, i regained my sanity. Later the young man that was preparing my paper for me to travel came and invited me to his house because i, have paid the man over half a million naira but he decided to abandon the money and seek for place where he would serve God. Eventually i heard the message of our Pastor and was pleased and at peace. in conclusion As am to ok this decision, devil closed everywhere there was no money to register for the school. However last Tuesday, our G.O in the course of his prayers said “after the service, if we switch on our phones, we will receive miracles alert.” True to that word of knowledge, immediately i opened my phone after service that Tuesday, i received alert of the payment of the money promised by the mother for my Bible school fees. Today, i have paid his school fees at More Grace Bible Institute. Finally, i pray that our G.O will live to fulfill his age and for all other Chosen members, i pray heaven at last.

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Sunday Adegbe

Olodi Apapa, Lagos. Nigeria

l once testified that last year how God used me to establish 2 branches in my Village Kwale in Delta State. I usually go and convey them to Mgbidi International Crusade every year. In this year's crusade at Mgbidi 2015, I went and brought them to the crusade including a mad man whom at a time jumped up and said every where is filled with people and said something left his head and that was how he was healed, The sister with diabetes got healed. Even the one with hernia got healed too. Infact, many of them. To God be the glory.

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