Sis. Margaret Nuhu

Jos - Plateau State.

Chosen praise the lord! l thank the Almighty God for healing me of 5 months severe stomach ulcer that kept me in bondage. It happened that when l noticed the symptoms, l went to hospital. The doctor diagonised me and gave me drugs for 5 good months. I took the drugs and there was no solution. When l heard about the crusade, l decided l must attend, because when The lord's Chosen had their crusade in Jos in 2007, so many things happened. There were many miracles hence l decided to come so as to recieve my own miracle. On that first day, there was little showers of rain and the Pastor called it showers of blessing. In his words, he said "everybody should standstill wherever you are, as long as the rain touches you, you will not go home the same". The shower will wash away all your problems, and miracle shall be yours in Jesus name".As I got home (where l was staying), l did not notice any symptoms of Ulcer that night.The next day, l ate those things l was asked not to eat and nothing happened to me till now that l am standing here with you. l am grateful unto God for his divine healing upon my life. l wish our Pastor heaven at Last.

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Bro. Adamu A. Taburu

Adamawa-Taraba State

My name is Adamu Taburu. I live in Adamawa. I thank God for making me a Chosen. I joined The Lord's Chosen in April 2009. I had Ulcer for 10 years and it really caused me serious stomach pains. I attended the crusade held in Abuja titled "GOD'S PERFECT TOUCH". There in Abuja crusade as the Pastor prayed and in the cause of prayers he mentioned my case and said, he cancel ulcer in my boby, that was how till today l have not experienced Ulcer even the stomach pains agains.

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Kingsley Ugwuegbu

3 kewper st Kempton Park Jhb South Africa

Thank you for praying for my Sister; Jesus has healed her from stomach ulcer. Join me to thank the Lord for healing my sister. I'm so happy and grateful. Thank You Jesus.

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Bro. Ejike Obi

Lagos - Nigeria.

I am thanking God who has made impossibilities to be possible in my life by healing me of a stomach pain which lasted for over 17 years. In the course of looking for solution to my sickness, I have gone to several hospitals, taken different drugs and treatment but the sickness persisted, however, I became a Chosen in 2007. I came to the Lord’s Chosen on an invitation by a sister. Though I accepted that invitation reluctantly, But when I came here, everything about me changed. I belonged to a certain church, the same church that our beloved sister that was delivered testified and that is "KONGA Kingdom". So, it happened that the prophet of that ministry called my parents and told them that there will be a family cleansing in our compound, with what he said my parents will provide the money and my parents accepted it. On that D – day, the prophet told my parents that I will have a stomach problem at my early age. There were some things he said I should provide which was provided for him. After taking what he gave me, at my early age, I started experiencing stomach problems. During the 2009 Mgbidi crusade, I poured out my mind to God and asked Him to remember me. I promised God that if He heals me, I will testify before the congregation and that is what I am doing now. Today, God of Chosen has healed and delivered me from the bondage of stomach ulcer and pains that have tormented me for the past 17 years. During the ministration, the Pastor mentioned my case and I felt a sensation all over me and I knew that the sickness was in trouble. I thank God for this divine visitation upon my life. I wish our Pastor Heaven at last in Jesus Name. To God is the glory.

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Sister Anabel Samuel

Lekki- Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria.

I came to Chosen on the 19th of last month (August 2010). Before I came, I was very ill. I had been to two different hospitals, but nothing worked. But the day I stepped my feet into this place, I received my healing. I was having serious pains in my stomach which was diagnosed to be ulcer. I could not eat; I could not walk from here to this pillar (pointing at a building pillar in her front) without somebody holding me, or without panting. Now, I can do everything – such as walking a long distance. Last Thursday (26th August), the Pastor said that those suffering from stomach ulcer should go home and eat whatever they could not eat. When I reached home, I ate all the food the doctors said I should not eat, Pepper and other things. Right now, I am alright. Praise God.

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Bro John Utomi

Ikotun, Lagos

I want to thank God for delivering me from a terrible sickness lasted for two weeks. The sickness is typhoid and malaria and 3 years ulcer. God has rolled them all away.

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Bro Fredrick Okeke

13, Moloni Street, Ebute east

The God of chosen healed me of ulcer that lasted for one year. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Brother Edward Noumon


I joined Chosen in October 2012. I'm thanking God for healing me of ulcer that lasted for five years. As my pastor prayed the ulcer disappeared. Chosen praise the Lord. I pray for my Pastor and all the Chosen people heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord! Bro. Edward Noumon

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Brother Victor Chinedu Ogum

Imo State, Owerri,Nigeria

I'm grateful to God for making me and my family a Chosen and granting me genuine salvation. I was suffering from stomach ulcer since 2009. I joined Chosen in 2010 in a crusade titled ‘Arrival of the Master’. Since I joined Chosen, God has been faithful in my life and family. Because of the stomach ulcer, I visited several hospitals and different prescriptions given. I began to take the drugs but all to no avail. Sometime last month, before the programme - “Only God Can Do This” we woke and prayed, then l was in the sitting room and G.O was preaching and said “Whatever is your problem in life and whatever doctor has said, disbelieve him and believe God, every terminal diseases and cases shall be terminated. Then Pastor directed us to touch the screen, in my own case, I did not touch the screen but stretched my hands towards the screen and when the prayer was made. I said, I believed and immediately, I began to have sensation inside me and it was as if something was moving inside him and that was how the ulcer disappeared. I went back to laboratory and it was confirmed that i had no ulcer again. I am thanking God for what He is doing in my life and family. Moreover, i'm thanking God for bringing our G.O in this generation. Praise the Lord!

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