Sis. Grace Ekerue

No 3 Foron Road Ubo, Port-harcourt, Rivers State.

I joined Chosen in the month of July, year 2008. I came all the way from Port-Harcourt to Lagos because of my case. The God of Chosen proved wrong the report of the doctors in my life. God granted me safe delivery after the doctors had already booked me for a cesarean operation. I had my previous baby before this present one through cesarean operation. During my period of anti-natal care, the doctors told me that my delivery would be through operation. I told them that I am now a Chosen and that my own case is different. When the labour started at about 3:00 a.m on that fateful day, I was taken to the hospital. The first hospital we went, said that they would not be able to handle my case that the doctor was not around. They now gave us a referral letter to a bigger and better equipped hospital for the operation. When we got to the second hospital, they discovered that the baby was bridged and there was need for the operation. As they were ready for the operation, my husband called our Pastor. He said that my husband should give him my own phone number. He sent him my number and our pastor called me and asked me whether I had declared that I am a Chosen. I answered in the affirmative and he declared thus; he said that whether the baby is bridged, coming out with legs or head, he was giving it two minutes to come out. As he made this declaration, I said Amen. Within the next two minutes the baby came out normal without any operation. I am grateful unto God for granting me safe delivery. To God be the glory. Praise the Lord.

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Sis. Amaka Umeh

No. 25 Igun Itire.Lagos State. Nigeria.

l joined Chosen in 2005. Recently, as my pregnancy approached delivery date, it was observed that my baby turned into a breached position in my womb. The doctor said l must undergo a caesarean operation as normal delivery was not praticable. l rejected the option because l cannot undergo such operation now that l am a Chosen. l left the hospital and headed for the church. It was on a thursday and the Pastor, during ministration, issued a command: "you baby, l command you to turn." l clamied it. lnstantly, the baby turned and returned to normal position. l went back to the hospital that evening where it was discovered that the baby had turned to normal position. The doctor that attended to me took the report to his boss who did not believe it. He said they had been looking for me since morning; l told them l went to the church. The medical director insisted on my undergoing another scan. This l did; and the result proved that the baby had changed position. The following day, labour started and l was delivered of my baby safely and nromally, contrary to medical reports. Praise the Lord.

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Sis. Agnes Chukwunyere

No. 8/12 Ossynwibe World-bank, Abia State, Nigeria.

I thank God that I am a Chosen. I thank God for this rare privilege and for breaking the yoke of bearing only female children. Before I joined The Lord's Chosen in the year 2009, I had given birth to seven girls and was eight months pregnant for the eightht one. On my first day in the church, a word of knowledge came from the pulpit concerning my situation and it said, " There is a woman in the mist of the congregation, you have been having female children and you are pregnant with the eighth one but you are going to bring forth a baby boy, and his name shall be "Joshua";I fell under anointing immediately. When it was time for my delivery, I brought forth a bouncing baby boy, according to the word of prophecy from the servant of God. I thank God for confirming the words of His servant upon my life. My joy is today complete. Words to appreciate the Almighty God are scarce for me. May His name be highly exalted for ever. Praise the Lord.

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Sis. Rosemary Chibuzor

Abuja, Nigeria.

I thank the Almighty God who by His power, has granted me a safe delivery. He cancelled the cesarean operation I had already booked for. All through the nine months period of the pregnancy of this twin babies I am carrying, there was no problem. But one day labour just started and I was taken to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, the labour stopped, water was coming out but no labour. For three days, the situation was like that. At the third day, I called my Pastor and he prayed that God should destabilized the plan of the devil. On that third day, the doctor booked me for a cesarean operation, my husband signed. But that day I was to be operated upon, my husband brought tea, one of the nurses sighted me and shouted at me. She said that anybody about entering the theatre for operation does not take tea. At this time, four out of five of us booked for cesarean operation that day have all gone in, I was the next to enter the theatre but because of the tea I took, the operation was cancelled. Immediately after the tea meal and the encounter with the nurses and the doctors, I slept off. In my sleep, I had a dream where angels surrounded my bed and at the background I was hearing a voice saying "I am a Chosen", "I am a Chosen let God prove His power". While I was sleeping, the chief medical consultant of the hospital came and woke me up. He asked me whether I have been sleeping but I answered on the negative. He then declared that I should be delivered of the babies like Hebrew women and I answered Amen. Few minutes later, the labour started and I was taken to the theatre. Then the Pastor came to the hospital and started praying and declaring that I should be delivered of the babies like Hebrew women. Both Christians and Muslims in the hospital were all responding Amen to the prayer. In less than 30 minutes, I put to bed these two bouncing babies of a boy and a girl. God proved His power in my life and I am grateful unto Him. To God be the glory.

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Sister Benson Ade

Lagos, Nigeria

It was really a day of joy and gladness for Sister Benson Ade and the entire congregationas they danced and rejoiced at the wonders of God in the family of Benson Ade who was granted a set of triplets. The mother of the triplets was so overjoyed that she could not even say her name or where she came from. She only implored the congregation to help her thank God in the greatest way. She prayed that all the glory, honour, majesty and adoration be ascribed to God Almighty in Jesus name. Amen. Praise the Lord!

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Sister Ngozi

Lagos, Nigeria

I want to thank God for making me a Chosen and for genuine salvation upon my life. I married 2006 and I had my first baby through caesarian operation. The baby died. In 2008, I lost another baby, which was born through caesarian operation. That was before I joined The Lord’s Chosen. One morning, a lady living in our yard who knew what I was passing through suggested to me to come to The Lord’s Chosen. I accepted to come. One thing I love my husband for is that he encourages me to visit anywhere that the word of God is being preached. He accompanied me to this place during the crusade, "And the Enemies Submitted” held in 2008. at that crusade, I cried to God and declare that all the enemies of my children must die and that God would give me a child that will survive. That prayer was answered. Today, I have my baby. It was the third baby I delivered; and the only one that did not die. I encourage all women looking for the fruit of the womb to believe in the power of God of Chosen. The God who changed my name from "Iyawo" (newly married woman) which people mockingly called me, to Mummy Joel, Mummy Oluchukwu, Mummy Tobechukwu, will surely visit you, in Jesus name. Amen. Praise God.

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Sister Precious Fidelis

Ijesha Suru-lere Lagos Nigeria

My testimony is about my baby. When I was pregnant of this baby, at the sixth month my legs were swollen. I went to the hospital and after examination, I was told that the baby was not properly positioned. When I came back, I rushed to The Lord’s Chosen. Then I said since I did not give birth to my three previous children through operation and my own mother did not give birth to me through operation, therefore I will not be delivered of the pregnancy through operation. I continued to come to services and to pray. At the nineth month of the pregnancy, I went to scan, I was still told that the delivery would be through operation because the position of the baby was not normal. On hearing this again, I cried unto God and reminded him I am a Chosen. That fateful day I was delivered of this baby in my room, after I had been rejected in the second hospital I went to. This hospital referred me to Luth (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) because of the peculiar nature of the pregnancy. I was reluctantly preparing to go to Luth on the Friday of that week but on Wednesday night God delivered me of the baby. Even the one that I gave birth to before this one, it would have been in the house also but a neighbour quickly took me to hospital, immediately I got to the hospital, I was delivered of the baby without any injection whatsoever. One fateful day, devil struck, at cele bus-stop, my second to the last fell down from me. I began to shout and pray, calling God ofChosen till we got to the hospital. Eventually God helped me the baby was treated and discharged safely to the glory of God. I thank God for all He has done for me and my family. I wish our Pastor and every Chosen member heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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I thank God for granting me salvation and for proving His power in my life and breaking the yoke of drunkenness and waste pains that have lasted for more than 17 years. Again, when the attack came, I ran to Pastor Liberty and explained to him. We prayed and he assured me that since we are Chosen that nothing was going to happen to my wife. He said my wife will deliver like the Hebrew women. By the grace of God, my wife is a nurse and having waited for some hours, we decided to go and see the doctor. The doctor told us that the baby weighed 3.9kg. with this, she cannot deliver the baby except through operation (caesarean) but to this, my Pastor said she cannot deliver through caesarean but through normal delivery system. We continued to pray from that Thursday till Friday night. Then my Pastor called me to come over so that we can take my wife to Umuahia. We arranged and took her to Umuahia on that Friday. To the glory of God, at Umuahia my wife was among the people the General overseer prayed for and asked her to go and deliver her baby. Before we came to Umuahia, when it was said we are going to Umuahia to see the General overseer, my wife shouted “My miracle has come! To the glory of God, she delivered yesterday according to the words of our Pastor. They have been discharged this morning and I want to thank God for what He has done. Ordinarily, no man can do this except God. Again I want to thank God for healing me of waste pains that have lasted more than 18 years. When I joined The Lord’s Chosen, I joined the security department to work for God. I was not remembering this waste pains. One day, the leader posted me near the pulpit. I asked him to change me to another place as a result of my condition but he said I should stay there and today, after staying there for that day, I did not remember that I had waste pain problem. That was how God of Chosen rolled away 18 years of waist pain. I thank God for His goodness and mercy upon me and my family. I wish our General Pastor heaven at last. To God be the glory!

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Sis. Chioma Maduakonam

Amukoko, Lagos.

I am thanking God of Chosen for granting me my heart desire. Firstly, I joined Chosen 2004. I have children already but I told God of Chosen that I need more. In December 2009 when we had crusade 24-27 December, on that 27th December, Pastor said those people that will be here until he says the last Amen, those people will receive a great miracle. I said God, what am I doing at home, I must stay here till the end because I need something. I was standing in front here, at the end, Pastor said he would give us a great miracle that day. When our Pastor was praying, he said people that need children, he gave them three months. He continued and said, “ You sister standing outside there, you are among them” I said ‘G.O, it is me, I claimed it.’ Anointing carried me and one brother came and held me. At last I believed that something has happened and I went home. Immediately I went and bought megaphone and began to preach everywhere including market places. Then I traveled to my home town at Okija ( Anambra State) and began to preach with the megaphone every morning to let the whole village know that I am now a Chosen indeed. To the extent that a brother from another living Church joined me and we made radical preaching for Christ. After that exercise, we came back to Lagos, I didn’t know that God had already answered my prayer, I did not see my period again until the day I delivered this baby. I carried this baby in my womb for complete nine months, no problem. People in my zone, they know me, if we want to go for publicity, I will jump. They will ask sister, are you not pregnant? I will reply that the God who started it will do something. At that time, I used to have evil dreams but one day our branch Pastor asked the whole congregation to point their hands in my direction and pray for me. After that prayer, I didn’t see that evil dream again. However, on the day of my delivery, the devil came and I was having intermittent labour. I now decided to put on the apron, as I put on the apron, fire was all over my body and the baby came out without further delay. In that 2009, my brother, also a Chosen but resides in Abuja, the wife took in but during delivery time, devil came, they discovered that the baby used its left hand and crossed on its head. After much stress, the baby came out but with injury and died. But my brother vowed not to take dead baby. What would the people say? That the God of Chosen does not answer prayers again? It is a lie. So my brother started praying from 12:00 noon the baby was delivered to 4:00 p.m the baby cried. It was jubilation everywhere. My brother said, yes! I know whom we are serving. Now back to my baby, when I was delivered of this baby, after about two months, the baby started dwindling, growing lean. And it became like skeleton. They called the affliction so many names in Igbo language, they said it is “ nchawa –Isi or Agu-nta,” in Yoruba language, they called it ‘Ota’ etc. I went to four different herbal homes to take natural medication for the affliction but all to no avail. During this period a sister visited me and said that the angel of Chosen said we should go and wash the seats/chairs in the headquarters in preparation for the crusade entitled “ Hope for the Needy”. I did not waste time, I joined the sister, came here and washed the chairs with one of my baby’s clothes. As I was cleaning the seats, I told God, as I am washing the seats, so he will wash all the afflictions upon my baby. After the exercise I went home and put on that cloth I used to clean the chairs on my baby and within 24 hours, every affliction upon the baby disappeared. Our God is wonderful indeed. May His name be glorified. I wish our Pastor and all the Chosen members, heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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Bro Amechi and Sis. Joy Agbo


I want to thank God of Chosen for making me and my family Chosen. I am grateful to God for the gift of twin babies in my family. Since the pregnancy of these babies, God has been so merciful and favourable in my family. During the anti-natal attendance, doctor said that my wife would be delivered through operation because it's twin babies. Then we began to come for the Thursday deliverance and counseling service every week and as usual Pastor cancelled the operation. When the pregnancy was due, my wife was delivered of the twin-babies like Chosen women. I thank God for the journey mercy he granted me last year when I traveled home. I also thank God for His guidance, protection and favour upon favour since the birth of these children. May the name of the Lord alone be glorified in Jesus name…Amen. I pray for our General Pastor and all the Chosen heaven at last. Praise the Lord. Sister Joy ,(wife) speaks: When the doctor said I will deliever through operation, I was praying and said God, why must I born through operation? All other children that I have, I gave birth to them safely without any problem, but this one you want to give me twin babies, they want to come through operation. I said please God, cancel it for me. So I became afraid, each time I want to go but I will say ‘ Ohooo, operation?’ but thank God , God used one of our sisters here to deliver me. I went to her house. Even when I went to her house, she told me that the babies were not well- positioned but that I should not worry before I will give birth, God of Chosen will do something. So on the day of my delivery, the girl came out first without any problem. When the boy wanted to come out, he was coming with his buttocks, the sister midwife shouted. God of Chosen, I asked her what is going on, she said the baby is coming out with buttocks. I said God deliver me, help me, before one knew what was happening , the baby came out . I thank God that the devices of the enemy were disappointed. I thank God. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Adebiyi Oke

Suite 28, Atolagbe Shopping Complex, Futa, Akure, Ondo State.

I want to thank God of Chosen for making my wife to put to bed safely like CHOSEN/HEBREW women; even when various scan results shows that she was having "scanty water" in the womb, we kept on praying to God of Chosen. God really used our State Pastor (PASTOR EMEKA) in terms of PRAYERS for us, whenever we call him on phone, he will pray and always assure us that we should ignore all the negative reports of the doctors. On the day of delivery, we called him again and he prayed, to the glory of God, my wife put to bed within an hour just like a hebrew/chosen woman. God of chosen na baba. Praise the lord.

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DEAR PASTOR, peace of the Lord upon your life. On the 2nd of May 2011 my son died mysteriously and when the hospital that was responsible rejected us l ran to the church with his corpse but did not meet up with the Tuesday morning programme, l ran to the church office with my son's corpse after all obstacle l was able to see you, you looked at his corpse and said Let the will of God be done, l cried my life out and refused to go and stayed in church with other women l met there till the evening service with my son still praying for a miracle that did not come. When you mounted the pulpit you said their is a woman here that has lost something precious to her, that the Lord said He will replenish in double fold. after the prayer l left to bury my son by 8pm. Exactly 1 year after that God blessed me with a set of twins boy and girl. My house is now a tourist center of miracle. l pray that this children l will not know their end IN JESUS NAME. My prayer for you is Heaven at last in Jesus Name and may the Lord keep using you for his mighty work. Amen

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Sis. Regina Odeh

13, fadero str. Lagos

I Joined The Lord's Chosen in 2007. I thank God who nullified the word of the doctors that said the baby in my womb was dead. I called upon The God of Chosen and He answered me, the baby came back to life after 4 doctors has comfirmed her dead. Her name is Victoria Miracle, Odeh baby. The baby came out alive screaming. To God be the glory and l pray for my Pastor and all the Chosen members Heaven at last in Jesus name.

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Sis. Joy Uwakweno


I joined chosen through cable. As at that time, when Pastor would be praying, I would hold the Television and through that I received my miracle. I have been having miscarriage and this has happened two times. Later doctor told me that any time I take in again, I should come so that they would hold my womb. I felt bad for the two miscarriages I had and when chosen came on board, I was encouraged. Through that cable, God wiped away my tears so I decided to locate Chosen physically. Today I have given birth to a bouncing baby. I pray for pastor and all Chosen members heaven at last. Amen. Praise the Lord!

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Brother Ihuoma Goodluck

N0. 53 Erelu-Danisa Street Ijeshatedo Lagos

I thank the God of Chosen for granting my wife safe delivery as she delivered like the Hebrew women to my son Israel and my daughter Sarah. God of Chosen is so Great.

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Sis Precious Amageulam

Rivers State, Nigeria

God of Chosen helped me to deliver safely on the second day of Mgbidi 2013 Crusade after G.O's prayer. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Stella l. Onaghinor

kåsa 5a 3830, ulefoss Norway.

l want to thank God for making a Chosen, l joined Chosen through the internet 2012. Since l joined Chosen; God has been so faithful to me and my family, l want to thank this God of Chosen for granting me safe delivery. l want to appreciate God for all His mercies, care, favour and protection upon my family. l wish myself, family and all the Chosen worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name!!!

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Sister Joyce Chinwe Umeohaonu


my baby’s name is Sister Favour Oluchukwu Fedrick. We reside at Egbeda. This is my testimony. I thank God for making me a Chosen. I also thank God for making me to be delivered like Hebrew women safe and sound. However after the delivery, they said, my baby was dead. I rejected the evil news and told them that I came with baby clothes and I must wear my baby the clothes and go home. I stretched my hands towards my baby and declared her Chosen 3x and asked the spirit of death who are you? Then I sang where is the God of my Pastor, power? Come for the hour has come. Immediately my baby cried, Praise the Lord. May the name of the Lord be glorified. I pray for more anointing for our G.O and heaven at last for all the Chosen world wide in Jesus name.

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Bro./Sis. Ifeanyi Nnamani


Here with me is my wife and my lovely baby – Miracle Chiasokam .N. we live at Ago-palace Okota, my wife was delivered of a bouncing baby on July this year. After the delivery, l discovered that the baby’s breathing was not normal and so l called the doctor and made my observations known. Doctor checked the baby and told me that the baby’s breathing was ok. This happened on a fateful Friday, after that l left for home. In the early hours of the next day (Saturday) the lady staying with my wife called me and told me that the baby has gone into coma. She was no more breathing and they placed the baby on oxygen. Later the baby was rushed to another hospital. The baby was in that oxygen from that Saturday till Wednesday. l later met the G.O. The G.o prayed that God would deliver the baby in Jesus name. That short prayer marked the end of coma in the life of that baby. And today the baby is being dedicated. For what God did for me, l pray that all glory, honour and adoration be ascribed to God in Jesus name. Chosen praise the Lord!

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Rose M

Chennai, India

I was diagnosed with pcod 10 years back. I was under medication. I went for a scanning before my marriage and the doctor asked me why am l getting married without correcting my problem first. I felt so hurt. I came back and l told God l can't take this anymore, l asked God to take care of my situation with a broken heart. From that day onwards things started to change. After my marriage we went for a prayer meeting, a sister who prayed for me told us we should not reject if God gives us a baby now. I laughed in my heart when she said that because it was impossible for me to get pregnant without medications. We came home and within 2 months of my marriage l became pregnant without taking any medication. cysts in my ovaries disappeared without taking any medicine. before l got pregnant both me and my husband went to see the doctor and asked her whether there is any way to clear my cysts, the doctor replied l will get pregnant but she gave me drugs for my period to come out. l was planning to take the drugs but soon after l got some fever and l thought l will take the tablets once the fever goes off. After that one week both me and my husband had a doubt whether l am pregnant and when we checked it, to our surprise l have already conceived even without taking any medicine. If that fever did not come i would have taken those medicine for my Mensuration to come and we would have lost our baby. During my pregnancy l got infection and my face was swollen and l took tablets, this made us so worried about our baby, we cried to God for a healthy baby. God heard our prayers and gave us a healthy baby. Moreover God blessed my pregnancy and delivery. My delivery was easy and it happened so fast without any complications. Millions of praises to God

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Frank Nwaeze

Apo Mechanic Village, Abuja

I joined Chosen in September, 2012. During Mgbidi Crusade in January 2013, I wrote my prayer request asking God for the fruit of womb and God granted my request by 10th October 2013 my wife gave birth like a Hebrew woman. I wish our Daddy G.O and all Chosen worldwide Heaven at Last.

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