Sis. Blessing Ukachi

Lagos - Nigeria.

She was grateful unto the God of Chosen for making her a Chosen. She had an eye problem, she came to the Chosen programme, "Time For God To Prove His Power", Pastor prayed and God healed her of 3 weeks glucoma. Chosen praise God.

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Abuja - Nigeria.

He visited the Lord's chosen initially, on the first day of the crusade in Abuja. He had an eye operation as a result of partial blindness since 2002, for almost 7 years. But as Pastor prayed there was perfect touch of God in his life and instantly he received the healing of the eyes.

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Bro. Ezekiel Obiagu

Onitsha, Anambra State

I came to the Lord's Chosen in the year 2007. I was under the attack of stroke. For 8 years, l was paralyised. Also l was partially blind for a period of 8 years.Infact l was also choked up with the spirit of poverty. But in all these as i carried them to the Lord's Chosen, all was rolled away.Infact am the most happiest man today. Iam healed in all, even poverty was knocked out. I am free. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Bro. Allwell Nwemeh

Isiala Mbano Imo-State.

I joined The Lord's Chosen in the month of Jubliee (July) 2009. I was converted by a brother Dr.Ogabe Ida at Ebonyi State.I had a terrible eye problem that nearly caused me blindness. It happened that l had cataract in my eyes for 8 years. When it became severe l was taken to the hospital and l was admitted. The doctors made frantic effort still their was no improvement. I was booked for operation in November but I heard about the upcoming Onitsha crusade taking place in 5th & 6th of September l became encouraged and made up my mind to attend. I came on friday, a day before the crusade day. On the first day of the crusade, Saturday,as the Pastor mounted the pulpit, after the testimonies, he made a declaration during prayers, instantly my eyes opened. Before l do not see properly.l usually see peoples faces black. But now my eyes are open and l can see clearly.

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Sis. Felicia Ikeowo

Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

The promise of God does not fail; when he makes a promise, he fulfills it in the life of his people. I joined The Lord's Chosen in November, 2009. I have been using eye glasses to read because l was partially blind for 9 years. Yesterday as Pastor was praying, in this crusade ground, he mentioned my case. He commanded people that had problem with their eyes, to make use of their eyes and that every blind eye should open. Brethren that was how l got my healing on partial blindness. I can now read without the use eye glass. I thank God for this great miracle in my life. Praise the Lord.

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Sis. Augusta Ndukwe

Festac, Lagos State. Nigeria.

The scripture says that healing is the children's bread and that by the stripes of Jesus, we are healed. The power of the above words became manifest in my life and situation as God healed and delivered me from partial blindness of many years. By the Grace of God, my name is sister Augusta Ndukwe. l stay in Festac town with my daughter. lt all started when l visited my daughter here in Lagos about seven months ago. She started bringing me to this church (The Lord's Chosen), l had a partial blindness. l was not seeing properly. lf somebody is coming towards me, l will not see the person, as a result, l was taken to so many eye clinics but to no avail. lt came to pass when l started coming to The Lord's Chosen that the Pastor in a word of knowledge mentioned my case and prayed over it. The next day, my eyes cleared. All the things that used to block my eyes were removed and l started seeing clearly. Again, there was a time l was paralyzed. One side of my body was dead as l could not use it to do anything. l could not use my hand to tie my wrapper. l could not use my hand to eat. My right hand side was paralyzed. By this time, l was still in my daughter's house in Festac. lt was like an electric cable was put inside my body. When this started, they had to phone my daughter as she had gone to work and l was immediately rushed to the hospital but while in the hospital, it was like nothing was being done hence they had to bring me back home and from the house to church for prayers. At the hospital it was said that l was suffering from stroke. The sickness shifted my mouth as l was not eating with my mouth. As l started coming to weekly activites, l noticed some changes in my body system. Finally in one of the Thursdays deliverance and counseling service, in which l was brought to the church, the Pastor said, "those that could not walk on their own should stand up and walk," immediately, l felt sensations all over my body and after which l started moving my hands and leg the side that was paralyzed. Now, l can use my hand to tie my wrapper, l can now eat on my own. l thank God for using my daughter to show me the road to Heaven. l thank God for healing me and my entire family are now Chosen members. l wish our Pastor and other members heaven at last. Chosen praise the Lord!

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Sis. Victoria Okoli

Orumba South of Anambra State. Nigeria.

God demonstrated His power in my life as He restored my sight and made me to begin to see again. Demonic blindness struck me five months ago. As this problem came, I found it difficult to see, later, it degenerated to total blindness. In my house, I no longer see the people entering into my house. I will use umbrella to cover myself. Every activity in my life almost ceased, there was no more opportunity of going to farm or market or even cooking. It was someone that brought me to this Mgbidi crusade. When we arrived at the crusade ground, l did not see anybody. However, I kept on calling on God of the Chosen to remember me. When the Pastor started praying during the second day crusade, he mentioned my case and something started going out of my eyes. When the object finally left my body and my eyes, my eyes opened and I started seeing people. God has touched my life and healed me of the five months blindness and I am grateful to him for the divine healing. Chosen praise the Lord!

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Sis. Lucy Ahamba

Isiala-Ngwa, Abia State Nigeria.

My testimony goes like this; I came on a visit to my daughter who happened to be a Chosen. For a long time now, I have been having sight problem which made it difficult for me to use my eyes. My daughter assured me that I would recover my sight. If I come to The Lord's Chosen because, as she put it she does not know of any other place I could be healed. I came; and continued coming. During this programme "WHEN THE BLESSES YOU NO MAN CAN CURSE", the Pastor prayed and declared that those of us with blindness, either partial or total, would receive their sight I said "Amen". I woke up one morning to find out that my sight had been restored. From then, I have been seeing very well, contrary to what I experienced before I came to Chosen. Praise the Lord!

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Sister. Chioma Okpara

Mbaitoli – Imo-State, Nigeria

I am thanking God for healing me of two years eyes problem and also seven months stooling of blood that I have suffered. For these past years and months, I have been experiencing pains and difficulties. I came to the Lord’s Chosen crusade and heard the testimonies of other people, I was moved by these testimonies hence I attended the recent crusade held in Edo State. At Edo crusade, I listened to these testimonies again with interest, when the Pastor mounted the pulpit praying, he mentioned my case. The problems and sicknesses that had lasted for 2 good years and that of 7 months stooling of blood were healed. The command of the Pastor came and my two eyes were healed and I started seeing clearly and the stooling of blood ceased as well. I thank God for this divine healing upon my life. I wish everybody heaven at last in Jesus name. To God be the glory.

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Sis. Mary Obiesi

Imo State.

I joined the Chosen church in 2012 and I am a student of Imo State university in the department of nursing. I lost my sight to Migraine three months ago and that was two weeks to my examination. My aunty who attends the Chosen church with the husband invited me to one of those power-packed Chosen crusades titled, “God has the Answer”. I could not make it to Lagos for the crusade. But I paid them a visit to Lagos some weeks after the crusade. My aunty’s husband gave me one of his miracle handkerchiefs to use to apply to my face. Before I went to bed that night, I placed the hanky on my face and I slept off. Brethren, miraculously I had a dream where I saw a “man on suit”. He was looking at me and I was looking at him. When I regained consciousness, I did not see anybody, though I was still blind then. I slept back again, I began to feel some sensation along my head region, my face and eyes, it was as if they were carrying out surgery on me. I opened my eyes, the sensation stopped. When I closed my eyes and slept back again, the sensation started again. At that point, I got up from the bed and told my elder sister that I want to throw the hanky away because it was scaring me. My sister objected to it, she said it was an anointed hanky by our Pastor. I told my aunty to come and stay on the same bed with me so I could apply that hanky on my face. My aunty agreed and I did not feel that sensation any longer. Brethren, God of Chosen, na Baba! When I woke up in the morning, my eyes were healed. I could see everything in the room. I started seeing everywhere. My aunty wanted to still hold my hands while I was going to ease myself but I told her, no, I could see. I later told her about my revelation of seeing the man on suit. At that point, I could see, but I could not read. God of Chosen also made my school not to hold the exam as scheduled. The postponement was divinely inspired in that it gave me time to recover fully from the problem. While I was preparing for the exams, my elder sister accepted to be reading in my hearing. My intention was to just grab as much as I could and then write the little I could in the hall. My sister went with me to the HOD so that the invigilator be attached to me to reading questions to me in the hall. The invigilator that was contacted flared up and was grumbling. It pained me at heart and I remembered my days of healthy eye sight, when I did not need anybody to read for me, I cried out loudly to God. It was a heart rending, heart touching and heaven shaking cry. Brethren. God was touched, God of Chosen instantly opened my eyes right there. I started to read everything clearly. That grumbling woman had suggested I should defer my sitting for the exams, but she did not know I could see already. At the end of the exam, when I got home and told everybody there that I could read, they did not believe it. They brought book for me to read and I read it clearly, they shouted with joy and it was jubilation gal-our. Chosen praise the Lord!

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