Sis. Rabiatu Adamu

Jabi, Abuja. Nigeria.

I thank God for breaking the yoke of ISLAM in my life. I was a Muslim for 35 years before I joined The Lord’s Chosen Ministry. And since I joined The Lord’ Chosen, my life has never remained the same. Although I was persecuted and disowned by my people because I became a Christian, I did not regret it. I stayed in the church since then I want to appreciate the Lord for granting me an accommodation near the church after some months of refuge in the church. I also want to thank God for delivering me from what would have turned out to be a fatal accident along Gwali, Abuja road. It happened that as I was driving, the bonnet of my car opened and covered my windscreen, but God of Chosen intervened and nothing happened to me. Finally, I want to appreciate the God of Chosen for delivering me from the affliction of moving object which I contacted through the dream in 1982. It happened on the early hours of one Sunday that I dreamt of where I was acting as a house help in somebody’s house and suddenly a hand came at my back and hit me. So as I woke up the moving object which has lasted for 18 years miraculously disappeared I really thank God of Chosen for removing that reproach from my life. To God is the glory.

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Sis. Blessing Ikechukwu

Lagos, Nigeria

The first day of the programme being Saturday 12th June 2010 title "...AND THE ENEMIES SUBMITTED", we were all in the programme rejoicing, receiving salvation and Pastor praying and giving messages of salvation. Thieves broke into our compound. They were going from room to room. Actually, they entered inside my own house but I want to say that the little money in the house was intact as they did not see it. To other neigbours, they made away with their large sums of money. I am happy because the God we are serving is protecting us. He blinded the hoodlums against our money. Praise the Lord!

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Sunday Uchechukwu Promise

Ndiagu Anike Onicha, Onicha Local Government Area, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

I want to thank this very God of Chosen for his protection and provision upon my life. Secondly l want to thank God because am a poultry farmer but any time my birds get seriously sick that is beyond my control, l will use Chosen hand bill for them (l will sock it in there drinking water) and automatically they will get heal no mater how serious the sickness may be and am very grateful for that. I pray for my G.O and all Chosen brethren heaven at last in Jesus name Amen!

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Adebiyi Oke

Suite 28 Atolagbe complex futa, Akure Ondo State.

I want to thank God of Chosen for his mercy and protection over me and my family.

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Charles Anunobi


Chosen praise the Lord... as i was watching the programme on my labtop titled... "What God Has Determined Shall be done"... i heard some authorities came my block were i i have also Pastor Mouka's sticker on my outside door...God of Chosen made them not to see my door and they walked away and to the next upstairs....l thank God for this Instant Miracle he has done... Chosen praise the Lord... Uchenna Anunobi Malaysia.

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