okere modestus chimezie

51, osundeyi street mafoluku oshodi.

i thank the almighty God for healing me of sturbborn typhord and malaria together with body pains through your ministry after attending some of your programms. This was made possible by the persistence of my aunty, Mrs patricia Okatta who is your member.. I also appriciate her effort in making sure i attended those programms... Praise be to God almighty...

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Bro Sunday Onji

21 karowin Street Itire bus/stop, Lagos Nigeria.

I joined The Lords Chosen 2012 December. I want to thank God for breaking the yoke of sin in my life, because l was into smoking Indian hem, fornication and many manner of sin and wickedness but, now l am born again, the things l was doing l do them no more. Jesus delivered me. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Sister David Mary

Canal Estate, Lagos, Nigeria

I am grateful to God for making me and my family Chosen. Am grateful to God of Chosen for favouring me with five thousand naira (N5,000). Moreover, I wrote am exams since May, last year and i had not seen my result, that same Monday i was favoured with five thousand naira, my result was also released to me and i came out in flying colours. I glorify the name of the Lord for what He has done and prayed for the G.O and all the Chosen members heaven at last in Jesus name…Amen!

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Chinenyenwa Uche

No. 45 Ijebu Road. S/G, Kano.

My name is Chinenyenwa, residing in Kano. I came across Chosen Church through cable, their messages and testimonies made my love for God, the G.O. and the Church to increase. I wedded 2009 and since then l been believing God for the fruit of the womb, I heard a life testimony from a woman that gave birth to 2 children without womb in 2012 Crusade tittled "WOMAN THOU HAS FOUND FAVOUR FROM THE LORD", I decided to attend Mgbidi 2013, before the date of the Crusade, I was busy watching Chosen TV both midnight, one of the midnights after watching it, I prayed and lay down, the man on suit visited me, put his hand in my stomach bit I didn't know what he did, his visit made me to know that the Mgbidi 2013 will yield fruit. As we were going to Mgbidi a vehicle hit ours from the back at Ugwu Oba and a trailer nearly crush us, but the God of Chosen saved us. I told the God of Chosen that I want to go to Mgbidi 2014 with my child or pregnancy, to God be the glory, February 20, 2014 I gave birth to a Chosen bouncing baby boy, Chosen praise the Lord, I wish my G.O. and Chosen worldwide heaven at last.

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You know the saying a pctiure is worth a thousand words that is what my wedding pctiures are saying. I got married in Negril Jamaica 2 months ago. I am very picky so i was a bit apprehensive about h

You know the saying a pctiure is worth a thousand words that is what my wedding pctiures are saying. I got married in Negril Jamaica 2 months ago. I am very picky so i was a bit apprehensive about how my photos will come out. I asked to meet with the photographer before the day of the wedding just to see who were going to be working with.We met Forrester the day before the wedding so that we could discuss pricing. He outlined the different packages that he had available, we were able find something to suit our budget.on our wedding day he started taking photos from the introductory meeting between my finance and the minister to our last kiss. He is creative and very detailed , every smile was captured, every kiss, every hug. my favorite is my husband down on bended knees kissing my hands.If you want a photographer for your wedding i sincerely recommend FG Photos, he is joy to work with.His website is:

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Brother Aja Joshua Frida


THERE IS NO BARRIER TO WHAT GOD CAN DO Brother Aja Joshua Friday residing in Ibadan in his testimony said he participated in a particular work at the old auditorium in the church and after working, the G.O called everyone that participated to make three definite prayer request. He said he was doing his senior secondary one (SS1) that year and never really had any thing much to pray for and suddenly he had a ministration in his heart to pray for his family. He said they are seventeen siblings in number in his family and nine of them had partial deafness with pus coming out from their ears. He quickly scribbled their names on the ground and after the prayers, as he got home, the nine members of his family with this ear problem were completely healed. This particular miracle was the reason why he gave his life to Christ. It was awesome what God did in his family, because previously no one could get closer to these his siblings because the odour coming out from their ears would repel you. To crown it all, God blessed him with a lecturing job in an institute of Agricultural Research at Obafemi Awolowo University after ignoring the job for more than 3 months as he attended the Uyo crusade. Praise the Lord! Brother Aja Joshua Friday

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Olisa Enendu

1 opeloyeru street ketu

i want to appreciate the God of chosen for favoring me with the sum of 48 thousand Naira,i wish my pastor heaven and last and all the chosen members heaven at last in Jesus name

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My name is ogbole itoya, i join chosen in the year 2012. i am happy to be a chosen. i am from delta state regional church in abraka. i want to thank this God of the chosen because since i was given admission to delsu university God of the chosen had being be protecting me and my family and in my academic. i am appreciating this very God because from my very day in delsu which from predegree to my 100 level to 300 the God of the chosen has being qualifying me in my exams. i had never in history have a carry over in my courses at the university. at this junction i wish my GENERAL OVERSEER heaven at last and i and my family including the lord chosen campus fellowship in delta state university.

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