Bro. Malachy Onyemaobi

Abuja - Nigeria.

I was terribly sick in November 2008. I went to the hospital and was diagonised. l was told l had stone in my kidney. Before then, l was into drugs still it was as if no improvement. I was invited to The Lord's Chosen Crusade at Mgbidi in Imo-State.I came, heard testimonies and was so encouraged and had hope that God will free me too because the title of the crusade was "God has decided my freedom". As the Pastor mounted the pulpit, he was praying, mentioning cases and he mentioned my case. I claimed it and believed in my heart that am free. After the crusade, l went back for test and l was told no more stone in my kidney. Three laboratory tests l made to be sure, it was confirmed no stone in the kidney. Chosen praise God.

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Bro. Nnamdi

Equatorial Guinea

I want to testify of the Lord’s doings in my life and to His glory. On the 10th of November, 2009. Just by midnight. I had a slight pain on my side. The pain latter developed to acute pain. I told my wife that the pain was too much and that I could no longer bear it. I was quickly asked to be taken to the hospital, which was done. Immediately we arrived at the hospital, they called the doctors on duty at that time of the day. An X-ray was done which showed I had stones in my system one in the kidney, the other by the urinary track. There were several others too. The doctor called me, 'Nnamdi', we do not have a solution to this matter, except through an operation”. Even at that, they said, they were not sure that l will survive the operation. I called my Nigerian doctor from there and narrated what the doctors had diagnosed. I asked if I should proceed to Nigeria. The Nigerian doctor said I should not bother coming to Nigeria, as no cure exists here for it, except I was prepared to go overseas. That very day that I called my doctor, I was driving along the road and at a point, I stopped and began to cry unto God. I reminded God that He said He would bless me and take away sicknesses from me. As my wife saw me crying, I asked her, "After all these, where would you go, because there appears to be no solution?". She encouraged me to take heart. She also reminded me that I am a Chosen and suggested that I should go down to Nigeria to attend the forthcoming Mgbidi crusade at that time. I agreed. She said I should first visit Nigeria before the crusade as she was convinced I must have my healing. I came down to Nigeria on the 5th of January, but the crusade was already over. I lodged in a hotel and I was in the service on the following Thursday. As the Pastor ministered from the pulpit, I sat down at a corner crying, "Lord , is this how you will bless me? Is this how I would enjoy my wealth?" That day, a spirit ministered to me to sow a seed. I borrowed an envelop from a person sitting close to me and I wrote on a piece of paper: "Lord, the doctors have said there is no solution, no cure but l beleive you and put the envelop into an offering bag. I sat down still crying because I was told there was no solution. But inside me I knew something must happen. After that Thursday service, I went back to my hotel. At the hotel, people saw me moving and buying things. However inside me, I was not happy. The next Sunday, I was here with a decision that I must be free. That day, during his ministration, the Pastor mentioned my case: Every problem of the liver, every problem of the kidney, I command you to cease forever”. I claimed it. On the following Tuesday, I was here again. On Thursday, I traveled to the East to see my doctor and to show her the scan I had taken concerning the sickness. The result showed there was nothing wrong with me any longer. The doctor was not convinced, with the result of the test but in order to make assurance doubly sure, I asked for a paper to go to another hospital for another X-ray. This was done. There, it was confirmed that everything had disappeared. I want to appreciate this God who did this for me what money could not do, but He did. To Him be all the glory, honor and adoration in Jesus name Amen. Praise the Lord.

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Bro.Mighty Chibuike

Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

Last month, I was shot in a dream and when I woke up, my tommy began to swell up. I contacted two doctors and they felt my lower abdomen and said I had appendix without knowing that my two kidneys are damaged. I was sent for an ultra-sound scan and through that, they found out that my two kidneys are no more functioning. That was the cause of the swelling. Last week, I went to Aba to let my parents know about my situation, immediately my mother called the Pastor on phone and he prayed for me. Then on Sunday I went to church and the Pastor prayed for me again and strength came upon me. On Monday being the following day, I went to another scan and two brand new kidneys were given to me. God of Chosen is wonderful indeed. May His name be glorified. I wish every Chosen member heaven at last. New comers, please continue with the Lord because continuity brings freedom. Praise the Lord!

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Sis. Margaret Kanu

Maryland USA

We overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimony. I want to thank this very God, the God of the Chosen for rolling away swollen kidney. The first sonogram shows that my Right Kidney was slightly swollen and i was in so much pain and the Doctor ordered CT scan to see if there is any more detailed findings, But praise God of Chosen the wonder working father after I sent a test message to our daddy and requested prayer on this website and also some pastors on our prayer line mentioned my case and as i went back with the result of the scan the Doctor told me that both kidneys are very healthy and there is none swollen. Chosen I thank the God of my pastor mouka for fighting my battle and granting me complete healing. I pray that God of Chosen will grant you your heart desire in Jesus name..Amen

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Sis Evans Anele

Lagos Nigeria

I want to thank the God Chosen for healing me of 2 years of kidney stone. May his name Alone be praise

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