Bro. Salime Ajayi

Auchi- Edo State

My name is Salime Ajayi. I am from Auchi. I joined The Lord's Chosen in June 2009. I was formerly a muslim for over 60 years. I had insomnia for 8 years, this made me to visit native doctors but unfortunatly, what they were giving me as medication was causing more harm to me. Somebody then introduced me to The Lord's Chosen and told me if only l can attend their program, this problem will varnish. I came and that day the Pastor prayed and when l got home l slept like a baby. For 8 years l was not able to sleep, today God has healed me and l can sleep very well. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. John Igwebuike

Abuja, Nigeria.

Previously l was not a Chosen until May 2009 when God delivered me and l decided to become a Chosen. It happened that for the past nine years l did not know what is called sleep. I can only close my eyes for 10 to 20mins. But on that fatefull day in May, it happened that my mother insisted that l must follow her to that month's vigil. I resisted as much as l can because l came back from work that evening but she insisted so l followed her. In the vigil l prayed and told God' "you know the reason you insisted that my mother should bring me here". After the vigil l went home, from there to work. Within this 9 years l was going to my doctor to recieve sleeping pills yet it dose not give me sleep. I went to many pastors for prayers yet no sleep. But that saturday as l came back from work, l took my bath, ate and went to bed, brethren,l slept like a newly born baby. And since then l have been sleeping very well. It was from that day l became a Chosen. Secondly,l have been in business that runs in milions with my elder brother. But it was unfortunate that after our fathers death, devil struck, from nowhere we had a serious problem that led to our separation. Out of hardship and frustration, l managed to relocate to Abuja. One day, l went to see the Abuja State Pastor who prayed with me and told me in 3 weeks God of Chosen was going to visit me. Brethren, God confirmed the words of his servant and exactly 3 weeks, God opened the gate of blessings for me. Though people were telling me to take my brother to court, l refused because l cannot take my blood brother to court because of money. Contracts that runs into millions started coming. The work is becoming too much in such that l do not have time for myself again. Last week again, l was called to come and have another contract of millions. I thank God for making me a Chosen and for not allowing me to go into legal battle with my brother. Since l became a chosen my life have been transformed l pray that God will uphold me throughout the years of my life. And to my Pastor, l wish him heaven at last.

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Sister Kene Isiogu


APPOINTED ASS. DIRECTOR IN CBN WITHOUT INTERVIEW Sister Kene Isiogu was between the devil and the deep blue sea. She did not know which way to go or what to do. However, Psalm 71:3 says “Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort..” She resorted to the Lord and the Lord became her strong habitation and divinely directed her to the Lord’s Chosen. Her testimony: My name is Sister Kene Isiogu. My entire household and I joined Chosen on the 17th of August 2011. we are so happy to be Chosen. Before we joined Chosen, I was terminated as the service quality Director and Head of Customer Experience in one of the Banks whose MD was removed. When the MD was removed, because he had hired me, they found a way and removed me too. Despite the fact that I helped them for the first time to be rated by KPMG in the year 2010 Banking Institution Customer Satisfaction Survey (BICSS) as the top 10 Customer Centric Bank in both Retail and Corporate. This testimony is wonderful because after that happened, in June last year, my husband took ill and he could not sleep. We knew we were under spiritual attack. We knew we had to look for a power that was higher than the power which we had experienced and started looking . lo and behold God sent us to the Chosen. Nobody told us to come to the Chosen. God sent us by himself to the Chosen. So, when we came to the Chosen on the 17th of August, 2010 the word of God healed my husband and he immediately within one month was able to start sleeping. He was afflicted by Insomnia. Medical report says, if you do not sleep after one month you die. But the word of the Lord that was spoken by our G.O. has decreed and declared that no Chosen will die a day before their death. That was our number one testimony. We continued to abide by the word of God because the word of God is power. Well, after one full year and two months we came for combined service on the 28th of March, 2011 our G.O while praying, said “ There is someone here that is looking for a job in a good bank, I give that person 3 days to get that job” My God, the God of the Chosen, the God of our Pastor, He is a wonderful God. There is this particular institution that I have no connection there, they called me and offered me a letter of employment as ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. The institution I am talking about is the Regulatory Institution that governs bank in Nigeria- THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN) This is the letter of appointment. When I got the letter, I called the contact person and he told me “ you know we did not even interview you, you are one of the privileged people” and I said yes, I am a Chosen. So, I am going to Abuja to accept the offer. God of Chosen is Baba, the God that remembers the forgotten, the God that gives succour, He is the problem solver, the healer, the giver of children. My ultimate wish and prayer is for us all to be in heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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Vida Fidelis

Okokomiko, Lagos, Nigeria

For 2 weeks I had sleepless nights but yesterday Thursday counseling and deliverance service as l had our Pastor say Amen. I was caught up with sleep and slept very well. That spirit of sleepless night vanished away.

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