Bro. Okey Atuana

Akili Ogidi in Anambra State.

Chosen, praise the Lord! I joined the Lord's Chosen in 2003. Before then l had a terriable experience. I was impotent for 19 years. As a man and an adult, my manhood was like a little rat, I was so afarid of myself and my future. My question had always been. Will l ever get married? This is because the situation was so terrible. Infact l have tried many things both medications and even herbal, still there was no solution. Though I was attending a living church. One day in my dream, l was told to go to The Lord's chosen. When l woke up l refused and said how can, what of my church. It repeated and i didn't take it serious. But the third time, l recieved a slap on my cheek and my mouth bent infact that was when l knew it was a serious matter. There and then l started searching for the lord's Chosen, as it were, l saw a branch and started attending.And as l obeyed, God of Chosen intervened and restored back my manhood. As l recieved my healing, I got married even with children now.May all glory, dominion and power be ascribed unto the God Almighty.

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Sister Onyebuchi Ike

Mechanic Village, Ago Palace Way, Lagos Nigeria

I am thanking God for the salvation of my soul. I blessed the Lord for making me and my family Chosen. I'm grateful to God for the safe delivery of the baby I carried . I got married in 2002 and after two weeks interval, I joined Chosen with my husband. I continued to worship in Chosen not knowing that we had problem. As time went on, there was no conception, we decided to go to the hospital and at the end the doctor called my husband privately and talked with him and instructed him not to let me know what the problem was. And what was the problem? The doctor told my husband that he is impotent and therefore cannot produce, that instead of male gamates, that pus was coming out of his private part. He advised him to go and adopt a baby or ask one of his brothers to do the work for him, that is, lay with me so that he can produce a baby for him. Though the doctor told him not to inform me but he narrated the whole story to me. I was not bothered especially as we are members of Chosen. And so we continued in fellowship and one fateful Tuesday Pastor mentioned our case and God of Chosen took over and at the programme of (Hope For The Needy) in 2004, Pastor gave a testimony about a lady, that the lady obeyed him when he gave instruction that people should go for evangelism/publicity before that programme and God will bless them, the lady obeyed and went for the publicity. I keyed to that testimony and went round Lagos State for publicity and one on one evangelism. And three days before the programme, I went for test and it was confirmed that I was pregnant. I gave birth to my first baby boy in 2005. In 2007 I was blessed again with another baby boy and last year God made me to conceive again and as at the day of this testimony. I was delivered of a bouncing baby boy, making three boys, for somebody doctor said I would not even have one. God of Chosen is wonderful, I am grateful to God who has done this for me and my family. Finally, I prayed that as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so will the Lord surround our G.O and his family. And heaven at last for the G.O, his family and all Chosen worldwide in Jesus name. Amen. Praise the Lord!

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