Bro. Odo Lauranee

Nsukka, Enugu State.

I want to thank the God of Chosen for delivering me and for breaking the yoke of idolatary in my life and in my family. I came to Chosen on December, 2010. I was born and brought up in idolatory . A covenant was made by my father in the shrine but as l came to Chosen, the yoke was broken. Also, the yoke of polygamy was broken Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Lawrence

Enugu State.

I want to thank God for proving His power of deliverance upon my life as He cast out the spirit of idol worship that I have worshipped for many years. It happened that I was born and brought up by parents that worshipped idol. I am 36 years old and I have worshipped that idol for 36 years. My father made a convenant with his idol. My great grandfather, was a herbalist. When we were born, our father dedicated us to that idol which means we must serve that idol. As we grew up, and traveled out of the village, nobody was doing well and our parents were not complaining. We are ten (10) in number, six boys and four girls. We never knew that the spirit of the idolatory has been following us making us not to progress in life so that we will come back to the village and serve him. I bought some building materials to build a house but could not rather I started selling those materials. One day, I remembered something and started crying. My father saw me crying and he started telling me stories about how the idol he worships gave him money. He said the idol told him that if he keeps the money that all his children will be rich but that our mother will die as soon as he keeps that money. He said that our mother rejected it. My father according to him also rejected the money that he wanted children not money. He said he took the money and dumped on a road but he came back and continued to worship the idol. As a result, nobody is doing well. Like myself, now I have 9 children with 4 wives and I am 36 years of age. It happened that one of my brothers who was to be killed then went to The Lord’s Chosen last two years and donated his plot of land to The Lord’s Chosen and asked the God of Chosen to fight and arrest all his pursuers. Today, God of Chosen has arrested me and one of my sisters and I am happy to be a Chosen. I am born Chosen. I follow the Pastor’s preaching, when I heard the salvation message, I drove away my three wives leaving the first as my wife and I thank God for granting me the grace to do his will. I wish our Pastor heaven at last in Jesus name. To God be the glory!

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