Sister Olayo Odiazo


I came to Chosen early this year through Chosen television. After two days I gave birth to my baby, my baby became sick and I went back to the hospital. Though they could not find out what was wrong with her, we were discharged. After some months, I was instructed again to visit the hospital, when I got there, the doctor had to open up to me and told me that the baby had hole in her heart and before they could remedy the situation, that I would pay a sum of two million, five hundred thousand naira only (N2.5m) and the operation will be in India, I went home dejected, I didn't know what to do but thank God for Chosen. In my state of hopelessness and helplessness, I turned on my Television Set and from there, I discovered Chosen. And attended Aba crusade and later went also to Abuja crusade. It was after Abuja crusade that changes came to my baby. The baby that could not sleep for 5 minutes began to sleep for hours. I threw away all the drugs I was given the baby before instead of causing more harm to her. But before this time, I had already vowed that if God of Chosen could touch and heal my baby, all the members of my family would be Chosen. Today, God od Chosen has healed my baby and all my family members have become Chosen. The baby that could not eat without vomiting, can now eat and the food will be intact. The crying has ceased. By mere looking at the baby now, the baby is a testimony. May the name of God of Chosen be magnified. Praise the Lord!

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