Sis. Ngozi Okafor

Umuoji in ldemili L.G.A of Imo-State Nigeria

I visited the Lord's Chosen for the first time in August 2009. I had, High Blood Pressure for 3 years, diabetes and partial stroke. Before l joined the lord's chosen, l have being experiencing that something was moving all over my body. But as I continued with the Lord's chosen, one day l vomitted an ant. Also l had a dream where l passed out a stone, physically, l passed out a lot of foam. Infact, I thank God for granting me total healing as l came to the Onitsha crusade. l do not feel the symptoms of any more.

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Bro. Eugene Osuji

Ihite-Uboma, Imo State Nigeria

God proved His deliverance power upon my life as he healed me of high blood pressure that l had suffered for the past 30 years. For over 30 years, l have been suffering from this sickness of high blood pressure. The sickness made me to be restless always as my body was exremely hot. When the sickness started, l thought it was what orthodox medicine would cure, l went to hospital but upon all the treatments l received the sickness continued. Apart from orthodox medicine, l equally tried alternative medication, went to churches and prayer houses but none of these places and treatments was able to cure me of the high blood pressure. Having tried all means of receiving my healing but none worked out, l became frustrated and resigned myself to fate. lt was in that dilemna that someone invited me to Mgbidi crusade of 2009. l came to the programme with the sickness. l bought the book 'Signs And Wonders Of The Age' and started placing it on my body whenever l want to sleep. ln one of the days, l placed the book on my body, a live frog came out of my body. That marked the beginning of my deliverance. During the crusade titled " That Yoke Must Break" held in Lagos, the Pastor mentioned my case and l claimed it. lt was immediately he mentioned the case and prayed that the sickness of high blood pressure that l had suffered for the past 30 years was uprooted out of my body. Since after that crusade, l have not experienced the sickness again.God has intervened in my life and l am grateful unto Him for the divine healing and deliverance. To God be the glory!

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Sis. Esther Chinweuba

Niger State. Nigeria

God healed me of High Blood Pressure. It all started like this. When I had this baby, before delivery, there was no problem but one month after delivery, I started having problem. I went to the hospital and the doctor said it was High Blood Pressure. I said when I was pregnant, my BP was normal how come that I will be having HBP. In the hospital, the doctor tried his best to give me the best treatment available but at the end, it will continue. In the course of this sickness, I no longer sleep. So, I and my husband would be watching the Chosen programmes on the cable. My husband suggested that we go to Lagos and visit The Lord’s Chosen. We do not know where the Lord’s Chosen is , when we arrived in Lagos we called on my husband’s friend who is a Chosen to direct us on how we can get Chosen venue. We came here on a Tuesday and I attended that Tuesday Revival service. Since this sickness started, I do not know what is called heat but during the ministration by the Pastor, I started feeling heat all over my body and I said God is here. On Thursday again, I came. When the sickness started before I will sleep I will take drugs but on that Thursday as the man of God mentioned my problem. I said God had already touched my life and that today, He will finish it. To the glory of God as I went home, I slept as I had never slept before since this problem started. Now High Blood Pressure has gone and I can sleep like a new born baby. I thank this God of Chosen. By the time we get back to Minna, Niger State. we will look for Chosen branches there and we will be worshipping there. I wish our Pastor and other members of Chosen Heaven at last in Jesus name. To God be the glory.

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Bro. Cyril Egwu

Ebonyi State Nigeria

When the power of God touches an individual, all the negative forces operating in the person will immediately run away. God demonstrated this fact in my mother’s life as He healed her of various sicknesses she has been suffering from. My mother has been yoked with the torment of High Blood Pressure for 33 years. She was always restless as the body was always hot and she was never at rest. In the course of this sickness, she was taken to many hospitals both orthodox and alternative medicine. I have been spending money in all these hospitals. Each hospital she was taken to, the doctor would subject her to series of tests and diagnose the same high blood pressure. They would administer their own drug. After taking the drug, the sickness would continue. There was a high blood pressure drug she used to take every day. Any day she fails to take it, there would be crises in her health. In the same vein, the alternative medicine practitioners would give their own, she would be taking them but the sickness continued. One day it happened that my sister paid a visit to me and demanded I tune to cable television for her to watch. I tuned the ones I used to watch but she insisted of a particular channel. At that time, she was not a member of The Lord’s Chosen Ministry. She said she would only watch channel called The Chosen Television. I searched and eventually got the channel. In the course of watching the channel, the spirit of God touched me to the extent that I removed all my bangles and jewelries. Then I attended The Lord’s Chosen crusade in Lagos. That crusade was titled, "TIME FOR GOD TO PROVE HIS POWER". I witnessed the move of God in the crusade and my situation started changing for better. Then I took my mother to the same crusade held in Onitsha. In that crusade, the Power of God touched my mother and she was of the High Blood Pressure she suffered for 33 years. There was HBP medicine she used to take everyday but from the very day she attended the crusade, she never took the drugs till today. God also healed her of constant urinating she suffered for 16 years. On our way to Onitsha crusade, she urinated three times, but immediately she stepped into Rojenny Games village in Oba, the venue of the crusade, she did not urinate again until after the crusade in the night. Today she urinates normal and all other sicknesses tormenting her have all been cast out. In a related development, God healed me of staphylococcus. God has proved His power in my life, in the life of my mother and even in my economic affairs. May His names be glorified in Jesus name. Amen.

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Sister Veronica Ibeh


God granted me healing as He cast out the high blood pressure that I suffered for 16 years. When I fell sick for the first time, I was taken to the hospital. The diagnosis showed it was high blood pressure and the doctors made their recommendations for drugs and treatment started. They treated me for few days and I was discharged but the hotness of the body did not stop. From the onset of that attack, it has not giving me any breathing space. It relapses almost every week and I would go to hospital for treatment. In the course of my search for lasting healing for this sickness I went to many hospitals meeting different doctors, they diagnosed the same sickness, carried out their treatment yet the high blood pressure continued. There were times I went to churches for prayers, I equally met with Pastors one on one for prayers but inspite of all these efforts the sickness continued. At a time I became frustrated and had no other place to go for the healing. Then one of The Lord's Chosen members', Sister Esther, who knew about my case invited me to the crusade titled " Hope For the Needy." She gave me assurance that the touch of God's power in the crusade will heal me of the high pressure. When I attended the Crusade the first day,the testimonies of the healing of various sicknesse built up my faith. When the Pastor mounted the pulpit, he mentioned my case in the course of his prayer ministration. As he mentioned the case and prayed, I claimed it. There was a touch on my body. From that time my body became free and lighter. The hotness of the body stopped. God has healed me of the high blood pressure that I suffered for sixteen good years. I am grateful unto God for divine healing. To God be the glory!

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Bro. Cletus E. Nweme


I am from Imo state. On Saturday (09/06/12) one of my friends, (he is a Pastor but not in Chosen) called me and persuaded me that we should come for this programme, I obliged him and came with him. Before then, I took a particular drug that resulted into hypertension (HBP) since 2002. Because of this case, I was on daily drugs. HBP is a dangerous sickness, if you leave it, it will deal with you. On the second day of the crusade, Pastor said we should lay hands on anywhere we have problems and I laid hands on my chest and he prayed. After that, the HBP disappeared. I am happy and I return all the glory to God of Chosen.

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Sis. Ugwu Helen

Lagos, Nigeria.

I thank God for healing me of thyroid and malaria coupled with H.B.P of over 1 year. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Chinedu Jude Udeh

South Africa

I thank this great GOD of chosen for healing me of high blood pressure after watching mgbidi 2015 through cable,I thank this great GOD for his miracle work in my life,I wish my G O my family and all members of chosen world wide heaven at last in jesus name Amen!!

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