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Our God delivered my uncle from the hands of kiddnappers. Uncle Ifeanyichukwu Kammelu from Oraukwu in Idemili Local Govt. area of Anambra state

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Brother Cosmos Uzodinma Anyanwa


He is thanking God for making him and his family Chosen. In his testimony, he said his son (a 15 years old boy) got lost last year and they looked for him for good three months they could not find him. When the programme entitled “… And the enemies submitted” was about to be organized, he began to put it in prayer every day. He appealed to God of Chosen to go and arrest whoever was holding his son and release his son and bring him to him before that programme of “…And the enemies submitted” lo and behold on Tuesday, the very week of the programme, the boy was discovered. The boy was seen on Tuesday by a neigbour who went to a village to work. The neighbor saw him and grabbed him and called his name Chi-emeka, you have been in this place and your people have been looking for you all this while” his son Chi-emeka denied that he did not know their neighbor. The Hausas there in that village gathered and began to beat their neighbor up. The Hausa man that took their neighbor to that village intervened and asked whether he actually knew the boy. The neighbor said yes, that he knew the boy, even the boy’s parents. The neighbor called the mother of the boy who called the father of the boy (Cosmos) however brother Cosmos was not at home that day but was in Kaduna. And so he instructed the wife (mother of the boy) to go to that village she went there with the boy’s picture both the one he snapped alone and the one he snapped with the parents and other siblings. On getting to the place the boy saw the mother and denied knowing the mother. The mother brought out the picture and when Hauses saw the pictures, they said “yes this is the boy in the picture” By then, the boy’s name has been changed from Chi-emka praise Anyanwu to Ibrahim Muazu. They sent him to their Islamic school. So when the Hauses saw the picture, they said “yes, this boy why are you denying?” Brother Cosmos told the wife to ask them to release the boy to her but the (menqua) village head said no, that the boy was handed over to him through the Sariki (king) of the Area. And the Sariki travelled out of Nigeria and would be back the next month, that they have to wait. Brother Cosmos told the wife to go back home. She went home. Then Cosmos left Kano to Zaria. At Zaria he called police and went to that village with the policeman. On getting there, he introduced himself and the people recognized him as the father because they saw that picture. They scolded the boy more and asked him, why was he lying. The (menqua) village still mentioned that he would not release the boy until Sakiri come back but through the intervention of the menqua’s son who resides at Jigawa, the boy was released to them. The menqua’s son carried the boy in his own vehicle because he (menqua’s son) said since the boy was denying the parents, he would carry him in his own vehicle while brother Cosmos and the policeman would travel in the vehicle that brought them. They vehicle that brought them. They agreed and started the journey back to Zaria, when they reached Zaria, at the police station, Cosmos asked his son Chi-emeka to pass the night at the police station. The next day, they said they should see the D.C.O for interview D.C.O asked the boy, who is this man?” referring to ‘Brother Cosmos’. The boy said “he is my father” the D.C.O replied “but yesterday you denied knowing them.” The son said no, the man who said it had ran away from that cycle. At this juncture, the D.CO laughed and said “Oga you can see that your boy was under influence of something”. He asked the boy,”why did you go with these people to the village?” He said after bathing him, they gave him some water to drink and they baptized him with their own way of worship and changed his name to Ibrahim Muazu. After that they release the boy to him and two of them came for the programme “…And the enemies submitted that last year. Praise the Lord. Moreover, he thanked the Lord for making him a grandfather. God blessed him with a grandson on 31st May, 2013. In another development, he thanked God for making him a father of a Pastor in Chosen. However, when the son was made a Pastor here, devil was not happy and so he (devil) set accident for the son but to the glory of God the son (Pastor) survived the accident. He is praising God for all these wonderful feat. At last he prayed for the G.O and all the Chosen worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name.

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Bro. Chris Orji

Abia State

My testimony is a case of kidnapping. I joined Chosen in 2006 and thank God for making my family and I Chosen. My testimony goes like this: One fateful Sunday, after service I went to the office because we had some meetings in the office. After the meeting, as I was coming down in the evening, I met a group of boys, on the road with army uniform, we thought they were army people on duty, we did not know they were kidnappers. They stopped me and told me to open my vehicle. I opened the booth, they searched but there was nothing. Two of them came and blocked my front and they asked where I was coming from and where I was going? I told them am a Chosen. They started beating me. I asked them what have I done, what offense have I committed to attract this beating? They also blocked the people coming by and searched the other two vehicles but there was nothing in the vehicles. From there they started beating the driver too, drew the driver from his vehicle to my own vehicle, collected the key from me and forced me to enter the back of my vehicle and they drove off with us. They said we were going to army camp at Ihe. We asked, what have we done? They said when they get to army camp at ‘Ihe’, they will explain. They drove off and suddenly we found ourselves inside the bush instead of going to army-camp. In the bush, they tied our eyes, hands etc and said they were Osisi-ka-ngwu boys, that we should give them fifty million Naira each (N50,000,000) I told them I do not have N50,000,000 to give. They said I should call somebody that would bail me or they would kill me and sell my parts. That all they want from me is N50,000,000. I said OK, I don’t have anybody. They said I should call people. I told them that the only person I have is my Pastor. They said ok, call Pastor. When they called my Pastor, Pastor told them that the person they were holding is a Chosen and they must release him unconditionally. They said OK, let them see, that without that money, they would not release me. The Pastor prayed, and prayed, later the matter was reported to the region, and from there to the State and all the brethren were praying for me. The matter was also reported to the army and all the brethren were in serious prayers for me. Though they demanded N50,000,000. The following day, they came down to N20,000,000. They collected my phone and everything. When their friends came into the bush, they would ask them whether they were still holding that occult man (referring to me) I told them am not an occult man but a Chosen. Later they instructed that I should be released because my church has spoilt a chemical in the air and another chemical is disturbing them. That Chosen is truth, one of them was asking them why would they hold an occult man (me) that my church has spoilt their chemical and another one was about to be spoilt, that they should release me immediately, brethren, that was how they took me very far from that place and gave me transport money to go. I did not pay them one kobo. Then concerning my vehicle. When they released me and I came out, I was told that the army has recovered my vehicle and my vehicle was eventually released to me without any charge. I thank God who saved my life and delivered me. I pray for my general Pastor, all the Chosen members worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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