Sis. Modesta Okeke


I thank God of Chosen for releasing me from the hands of the ritual killers upon my Pastor’ declaration. It happened on 24th January(last month). I was coming back from Lagos Island. I boarded a bus from Orile going to Barracks. After First Gate, the vehicle broke down and the passengers alighted. The driver and conductor tried to fix the bus, but could not. Thereafter, another bus approached the place. We rushed into it eight of us from the first vehicle. The bus left. I was supposed to stop at Abule Osun (after the bridge) but the vehicle continued. The road was free, being a Saturday. All of us became hypnotized, we all looked kike “ mumu” in the vehicle. By the time we recovered ourselves, it was already night, and in the bush. When you come out of the bus, all you see is bush – left, right, front, back. They took us into a big compound through a big gate. Their boss came out from the room and flashed torchlight on our faces, then went back into his room. That night, they selected five persons they took inside. Three of us were left in the outer area. Throughout the night, all we heard was screaming voices of distressed, dying people. The voice would come up and become silenced. Surprisingly, they did not take our GSM handsets from the three of us. I continued to try my husband. I sent him text messages to inform him I was in a strange place. All my belongings were still with me. Since I could not pick the calls that came into my set, I was able to send out text messages. This enabled my husband, my relatives and other brethren to begin to pray for me. Everybody was praying. On Sunday morning, they came and told us that they would set us free, but that was after they had taken the young lady of about 17 years away from our midst and killed her. It remained myself and the other woman whose hand I tied to mine with the anointing handkerchief. They kept us till Monday and imposed a condition on which they would release us that we should give them some amount of money. I text my husband to update him. On Tuesday, they released us and asked us where to drop us off, we told them to take us to a point we could pick up a vehicle to Lagos because we did not know the environment. From where they dropped us off, we picked up a vehicle to Oshodi N1,500. When I arrived home that Tuesday, my husband told me he sent text message to our G.O. and other brethren. That Tuesday I arrived home, my place was filled with visitors who came to receive me. It was like those who came to receive a king. ( The G.O. confirmed he received the text message and that he prayed to God to send His angels to go and release the sister, after which he told the husband that the sister would be released provided she was still alive. What a marvelous intervention of God of Chosen. Praise God!

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