Uzugbekwu Alfred Felix

Kepong,Central,Aman Puri, Malaysia.

l want to thank God for delivering me from the hands of policemen in Malaysia. firstly, l thank God for making me a Chosen, l came to Malaysia on 8 December 2011,when l came, they told me that l have to apply for student's pass here in one of the schools, that is the only way to get my one year visa to stay in Malaysia, l submitted my application to one school. And now in Malaysia because of the way we live here, the Malaysian Government has delayed in given the approval for the visa, they even closed some schools be course of Nigerians, the school l applied for, called me on 3rd, february that immigration has denied me approval from their school with other Nigerians too. They said we should reapply in another school. l went, after we did everything, on my way back, at the train station where l was waiting to get ticket to go back to where am living, policemen came, circled me, and asked me for id, my school id, l said not gotten approval yet, that am coming back from my old school to change to new school, the took me to their office, on our way,l was reminded in my mind that am a Chosen, l should say it. In my mind, l said am a Chosen, 3 times, God of Chosen prove yourself, to me. When we got to their office the took me to their headman, told him l don't have paper. As he was asking me questions,l was so afraid they will depot me. Suddenly other 4 men were brought in, from Australia having same paper problem, so as they came in, l was still saying within me, God of Chosen, prove yourself, some minutes after, they all focused on those 4 men, and left me,l picked all that belonged to me and my passport which the boss was holding in his hand,i just raised his hand and he left it to me,and l left the office, which has never happened to any Nigerian cut by police here without papers,l thank God of Chosen so much, and l wish all Chosen members heaven at last, in Jesus Name. Amen

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Onyelike Uche Darlington

5b Ajia Street, Ijesha Lagos!

I am very grateful to God of Chosen for His mercy and grace upon my life, On 28th of December 2013, My friend called me to come to Rapour in Owerri for a celebration party which I attended and later left to my house, when they were coming back, Emmanual Osuala who is also a friend of mine was attacked by Armed robbers, the snatched his car and when the police was informed, they started arresting people that visited the Rapour and when I got the information I was advised to stay away by our family Lawyer (Barr. Chukwuma Ekomaru, SAN) which I did and travelled to Lagos, every day I go to the Lords Chosen Ijesha and be praying to God to interven, On Tuesday Revival Service, I was in the church and when Pastor Mounted the Pulpit, he began to pray and he mentioned my case, He said there is a young man here, they have accused you of what you knew nothing about, look at them gathering against you but the GOD of Chosen will fight for you, the next day the person the police arrested who is also a friend of ours confessed that he was the person that planned and snatched the car, the person they are looking for is “ME” and l do not know anything about it and I was set free and the police seized from searching and looking for me, I thank the God of Chosen because he is a living GOD, May all glory be unto his name in Jesus name, Amen, I wish my Pastor, General Oversea Heaven at last in Jesus name, AMEN

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Sister Osazuwa Kate.


I joined Chosen in June 2007, and since then, the Lord has been faithful. This is my testimony. Before the programme we just had, the spirit was just telling me to pray against untimely death. I began to pray, and the prayer was all encompassing, I prayed against untimely death in my life, my family, the Chosen members etc. The programme ended on 21st October, then on 23rd, I washed my clothes and spread outside, we live in a three-storey building. That day, rain was about to fall and so I went to remove my clothes before rain would fall on them and I was singing, ‘do not murmur, do not faint,’ Jesus answers prayer. Immediately I removed the clothes, louvers (glasses) fell from the second floor to that particular portion I removed my clothes. In fact, it was as if the louvers was waiting for me to leave that spot Immediately this thing happened, tears of joy filled my eyes. And I continued to sing my song. Brethren, the Lord has been so wonderful. At this juncture, may I say that the Lord has been using our Pastor in a great way. Therefore may God enlarge the coast of our Pastor and he will see his children’s children. And the Lord will richly bless his entire family including all the Chosen worldwide in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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