Bro. Sunday Nnawuta.

Enugu State, Nigeria.

I was having a serious chest pain. I went to the pharmacy and purchased some drugs and administered to myself but the pain did not subside. A friend of mine told me that their general overseer would be coming to Warri for a crusade on saturday and sunday, that I can come, God of Chosen will touch me. So that made me to come on Saturday and when I came, the General Overseer mentioned and said "We should lay our hands wherever we were having pains" I laid my hands on my chest and said God if you heal me, I must come and testify and today 22nd July I am testifying. When Pastor prayed yesterday, something cold fell on me and after that, the chest pain disappeared. I pray that the good God will bless our General Overseer.

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Bro. Osita Nwankwo

Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos Nigeria

I joined Chosen in 2007. I want to testify of the goodness of God in my life. Precisely on 24th, December 2012, early in the morning, my wife started crying and shouting her chest, her chest, I was surprised but she continued to shout that her chest was paining her. I decided that we would go to the hospital but first l had to quickly brush my teeth, however, before l could finish brushing my teeth and came out, my wife was already dead. I called her several times but she did not answer. At this juncture I was confused and began to cry thinking, who am l going to call on phone. In that process, I had a ministration and the little voice asked me, have you forgotten whom you are? A Chosen. It was at this point, I began to pray, calling upon the God of Chosen, not to allow me to be put to shame. In few minutes, my wife came back to life. I'm grateful to God who made the impossibility to become possible. Chosen praise the Lord. In another development, God gave me a miracle accommodation. I was living in a one room apartment and l has lived there for over ten years due to financial constraint. When l packed into the one room apartment, l never expected l would live there for up to five years but suddenly l spent over ten years. Moreover, the owner of the house asked me to pack away. I handed the matter over to God of Chosen, I didn’t have a dime. But our God is a miracle working God, He intervened and provided all l needed to pack out of that place and l even packed out earlier than was given from the court. I glorify the name of the Lord for this provision. I pray for my G.O and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven and last. Praise the Lord!

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