Sis. Helen Odor

Ichi , Enugu State. Nigeria.

I thank God of Chosen for healing me of bladder problem that put me to shame for the past 25 years. It was when I delivered a baby 25 years ago that my bladder and urinary track got damaged. My bladder no longer hold the urine. In the course of digestive processes, any urine that forms, flushes out immediately. At any moment, urine usually came out from the bladder through the urinary duck. This has been putting me to shame anywhere I go because there is no way I could control it on my own accord. The problem has taken me to several hospitals. I have gone to university of Ibadan Teaching Hospital but the treatments administered to me in the hospital could not stop the problem. It was my son that brought me to Mgbidi crusade and that attendance was my first contact with The Lord’s Chosen Ministry. As we came to the crusade the first day, I heard the testimonies of the acts of God in the ministry my faith was strengthened. Then I kept on calling on God to remember me. When the Pastor mounted the pulpit, he mentioned my case and prayed. I received the prayer faithfully and from that moment the prayers were made, the uncontrollable urinating stopped. God has proved His power in my life. The shame this sickness has brought to me was enormous. I am grateful to God for divine healing upon my life. To God be the glory.

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Sister Agnes Akai

Ogoja – Cross River

I thank the Almighty God who has delivered me from six months bladder problem that have tormented me. It all started in 2006. I felt pains each time I passed out urine and I always feel like the bladder was cutting. In August, I had a dream in which I found myself in a crusade ground. The man of God was praying, the small boy who was paralyzed stood up and began to walk. Then, I started pleading to God to see my own situation and to heal and deliver me from that problem. As I was praying to God in that dream, I opened my eyes and discovered that I have three stones in my lower abdomen. I told the man of God about my case that I have three stones in my lower abdomen; that he should help me but he told me he will be coming back by November. At this point I woke up from that dream. I told my husband about the dream from that day, I started asking people about any crusade that will be held around that time. By this time, I have not heard the word "The Lord’s Chosen". I only knew the word Chosen in the Bible. In the course of my investigation, I discovered that there would be a crusade organized by Reinhard Bonnke in Lagos, one sister met me and asked where I would be staying and I told her that I do not have any place to stay rather than the crusade ground. The crusade was held at the Olympic ground in Ijesha but that sister insisted that there was a near by church there that we should go there and sleep. Behold, the church was The Lord’s Chosen. On Sunday, I decided to worship at The Lord’s Chosen. When the man of God came out to preach after the testimonies, he mentioned my case. To the glory of God, that was the end of that problem that have been burdering me. I thank God for making me a Chosen. I wish our Pastor heaven at last in Jesus name. To God be the glory!

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