Bro Ikechuku

#218 Agege Market Road Mushin

Praise God! Brethren it was terrible, for a man to bedwet from birth even till the age of 23yrs, that was my case. It was really embarrassing that l cannot sleep outside apart from where l'm living, but today, God of Chosen has removed that shame from me. CHOSEN PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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Sis. Shammah Nberekpe

No. 27 Olujemi street, Ojo barracks, Ojo, Lagos State.

I am thanking God for making me a Chosen. I also thank God for breaking the yoke of bedwetting for a period of 9 years in my life. This experience worried me for many year even while I was in my former church, with all the prayers made to no avail. But when I came to Chosen, with the prayer of my Pastor, the yoke was broken. I am very grateful to the God of Chosen. Praise God.

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Bro. Victor Edet

Odearu Ojo Barracks, Lagos Nigeria

l want to thank God for delivering me from the spirit of bed-wetting which tormented me for 18 years. During the Pastor's ministration yesterday, he mentioned the case and l claimed it, l woke up this morning dry, without a sign of bed-wetting, l give God the glory. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Bro. Chisom Onwudi


I am testifying to the glory of the Almighty God, the God of the Chosen, for delivering and healing me of 9 years of bondage of bedwetting. Am also thanking God for delivering my brother from the torment of fear. I visited the Lord’s Chosen for the first time in the year, 2004. I came and heard the preaching of our Pastor, my life changed. He says, “Continuation Brings Freedom”, then as I continued, God of Chosen broke the yoke of 9 years bedwetting . For several years, I have been under this torment and bondage of this disgraceful sickness but I thank God today that, that yoke is broken in my life. God of Chosen also delivered my brother from yoke of fear. I wish our Pastor heaven at last. To God be the glory.

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Sister Patience Echere


I want to thank God for delivering me from the spirit of bedwetting that disgraced me for 35 years. My own bedwetting l perceived it was not ordinary. It was uncontrollable. Each time I slept within the years under review I must urinate on the bed. The foam on my bed was always wet. There was no hospital that I have not gone because of this bedwetting. In the course of this, I sold all my property in order to raise money for the payment of hospital bills. Even when I went to places they called churches, they charged me money. There was a particular ministry they charged me N30,000. Though the money was paid, they took me to water for bathing yet after all the ceremonies the bedwetting continued. I had no parent, I work for people for money; the money I would have used for feeding , I spent it on treatment yet the problem contiued. One of my closed friends took me to her sister, promising that the woman will cure me of the bedwetting. She demanded two fowls and when they were provided, she took me to water and bathed me. In the water I became entangled to a spirit husband; I became pregnant and gave birth to a baby in the water. Both the spirit husband and the baby kept on appearing to me. When this became an addition to the bedwetting, I was directed to O.O Ogbu this group took me to water for bathing, they threw me into the water twice, at the third time a hand was drawing me into the water and I shouted the blood of Jesus. The hand left me and I ran out. All these problems continued untill I came to The Lord’s Chosen crusade through invitation of someone. As I came to the crusade, the Pastor mentioned my case, the urinating stopped. God also delivered me from the torment of the spirit husband. They spirit husband has stopped appearing to me since I stepped into The Lord’s Chosen crusade ground. The spirit son equally no longer appears to me. God has fully delivered me and I am grateful to him. To God be the glory!

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Sis. Adaeze Anaebune

No. 5 Community Road Satelite, Lagos. Nigeria.

I want to thank God for healing me from the spirit of bed wetting that has tormented and disgraced me for the past 17 years. I want to thank God for granting me success in my final examination (WAEC) that I wrote last year. It was not easy for me as a student being s Chosen. I did not allow myself to be involved in exam malpractice due to the preaching of our Pastor, I decided within me that God will see me through even when some students came with some papers, I refused to be involved. Some of my friends were laughing at me that I will not make it but to the glory of God, He did not disappoint me. When the results were released behold, I cleared all my papers in good grades. Some of those that were laughing at me during the exam period did not make it while some made it but those who could not clear their papers were asking me how manage. Again, I want to thank God for breaking the yoke of bed wetting in my life that has lasted for 17 good years. It happened yesterday when the pastor mentioned it and this morning, I woke up and discovered that I did not wet myself. I wish all the Chosen members and our General Overseer Heaven at last in Jesus name. To God is the glory.

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Sister Rejoice Chukwuemeka

Iba Newsite, Lagos, Nigeria

Man has no power on his own to do anything; the spirit of God helps man at all times in his actions especially the beneficial ones. God made me to understand the true nature of his power as he helped me to stop eight years bedwetting in my life. Naturally, when a child is born, he/she keeps on doing things as a child but as he grows the senses begin to develop and the child becomes conscious of what he does. He must carefully indicate when he is pressed to do so and does the same appropriately. When bedwetting continues after three years whether night or day, it has become abnormal. This abnormality of urinating on my bed continues in my life for good eight years. In the course of this during the years under review my parents tried all they could to stop me from urinating on my bed but they did not succeed. When I realized what was happening, I became ashamed of myself whenever I urinated on my bed. I kept on praying, asking God for divine intervention. The Pastor mentioned my case in one of the services in the course of his prayer ministration and I claimed it. From that day I received that prayer I stopped urinating on my bed. God has intervened in my case and I am very grateful unto him for remembering me. To God is the glory!

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Ogechukwu Nwanya

25 Golden Park Estate Ajah, Lagos. Nigeria

I want to thank God for delivering me from bedwetting that lasted for 24 years.praise the lord

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Dudu Tshabalala

Naturena, Johannesburg South Africa.

I had a problem of bedwetting and urinating alot during the day. But when the man of God mentioned my case in the recent crusade held in Johannesburg. I felt healed that very moment l haven't had that experience since then, it's gone and it will never bother me again. I really thank the Lord for healing me and making me whole.

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Chigbo Nnabuihe

Anambra State, Nigeria.

My name is Chigbo Nnabuihe, from Osumenyi Nnewi South local government Area of Anambra State. Yesterday (4/08/12) was my first time of coming to The Lords Chosen. I have been bedwetting since past twelve years but when I got home and last night I did not bed wet. There was a kind of battle in my sleep last night. One spirit was compelling me to urinate on my bed. Eventually I did not urinate at all. I thank God that yoke has been broken. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Chigbo Nnabuihe

Anambra State

Yesterday (4/08/12) was my first time of coming to chosen. I have been bedwetting since the past twelve years but when I got home and last night I did not bed wet. There was a kind of battle in my sleep last night. One spirit was compelling me to urinate on my bed. Eventually I did not urinate that night and since then l have not urinated. I thank God that yoke has been broken. Praise the Lord!

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Sis. Chidinma

Enugu State, Nigeria.

I have been bed-wetting to the extent it has become a disgrace. I could not live with any family. I was once a house help to a particular family but because of bed-wetting, I went back home. So I have been in this condition until yesterday, Pastor prayed and cursed frequent urinating and bed-wetting. I claimed it and shouted Amen. When I got home and slept last night, I did not bed-wet quite unlike before. Praise the Lord!

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Sis Chinaza Aniko

Festac, Lagos Nigeria.

I joined chosen 2003 and I thank God for making me a chosen. This great God of chosen broke the yoke of 12 years bedwetting in my life. It is a miracle to me. I give God all the Praise.

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Brother Chibuike Enwerem

Benue State

God of Chosen healed me of bedwetting for four months. It usually happens this way. I would dream that I go out to urinate in the night and before I knew it, I would urinate in my body and on the bed. As I attended Benue crusade and G.O prayed. The evil manipulation disappeared. Now the yoke is broken and am free.

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