Sis, Comfort & Bro. Olayinka Ayemi

Abuja- Nigeria

Chosen praise the Lord. I thank God for making me a Chosen. I came in contact with The Lord's Chosen in one of the Abuja crusades titled "Arrival of the Master" though l did not wait till the end of the crusade, yet l saw miracles, healings, deliverances, blessings and breakthroughs as were testified by the people, then l keyed in to the message of the man of God. The next time l visited was in December and l met Pastor who prayed for my son that had asthmatic cough for 8 years. And the yoke of asthmatic cough broke in his life after the prayers. Around January, l had partial stroke and the Pastor prayed for me and l got healed of stroke too. Also l was been hypertensive for 10 years, as our Pastor used to say that "continuation brings freedom" so as l continued, the Lord healed me of 10 years Hypertension. May all Glory, Honour and Power be ascribed unto the Almighty God. To my Pastor, l pray heaven at last in Jesus Name Amen.

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Bro. Chinonso Davis

No. 54 MCC Road,Aba. Abia State. Nigeria.

I want to thank the Almighty God for granting me respite after so many years of suffering. I thank Him also for directing my path to the land of solution, The Lord’s Chosen. I knew, if this church were existing before now, my affliction would not have lasted this long, yet I thank God for this day. I can live my life from this time on without the constant choking attacks of this demonic disease called asthmatic cough. For a long period of twenty years, I lived my life at the mercy of asthma. It was so terrible that I never knew there was going to be an end to my suffering until the God of Chosen came my way and granted me relief from my seeming endless woes. Today, I am sound and free from the attack of asthmatic cough. It is no doubt a miracle. It is all thanks to the Almighty God, God of Chosen. May His name be highly exalted. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Bro. Chidiebere


I want to thank God for breaking the yoke of asthmatic cough in my life. This cough lasted for eleven years. In line with the above scriptural declaration, God healed me of eleven years asthmatic cough through the prayer of our Pastor. This sickness started from birth, since then, I have been going from one hospital to another for treatments. In one of the occasions, my brother took me to a hospital in Ijesha, they gave me treatment, the cough stopped but after one week, it started again. This has been the style of the cough for the past eleven years. Whenever it started, I will be in a crisis situation, I will not be able to concentrate in doing anything. Apart from orthodox and alternative medical treatments, my people have been taking me to churches for prayers but the cough has defiled all treatments. My elder sister took me to Cotonou where she took me to The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Service in Cotonou. Then in February my sister took me to a crusade in Lagos titled "From SORROW TO JOY". In that crusade, the Pastor mentioned the case and prayed. I claimed my healing and as the power of God touched me in the course of the prayer, I was healed. Since that February I have not experienced the cough. I have been healed. I am grateful unto God for divine healing.

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Chinyere Solomon

No. 115 Ebere Street Aba, Abia Nigeria.

I came to Chosen in June, 2007. Before then, I had been under a terrible yoke of affliction of Ashma. Just immediately after I came in contact with the God of the Chosen, the yoke of Ashmatic cough for 27 years was broken. Also, God of Chosen healed my husband of low sperm count also opened my blocked tubes now am pregnant. God has rolled away 3 years yoke of barreness from me. I bless the name of the Lord for all these blessings. Praise the Lord.

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Prisca Umeh

Raleigh, NC USA

I want to testify of the goodness of the LORD who has set my son free from 6 years Asthma attack. It was during the Maryland October 2011 Crusade that General Overseer mentioned my son's case and I claimed it. Since then, my son is free and free indeed. Praise the LORD

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Barulaganye Idah Ditsele

P.O. Box 132 Kalamare Botswana

I want to thank The God of Chosen for answering my prayer. I called on the prayer line and asked for prays on my father who has been sick of asthma, heart and liver problems. Right now my fathers health is getting better everyday he is able to sleep well and can do things on his own. Praise the Lord!!!

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