Sis. Ebun Attah

Lagos - Nigeria.

She was under the pains of Arthritis for 8 years. she came to the programme, tittled, "TIME FOR GOD TO PROVE HIS POWER". A crusade held in Lagos. During the time Pastor was praying, he called on those that could not walk or use their body to rise up and walk. She testified, she stood up and started walking and she realised the pains are gone, she was able to use her body and even walked to the podium. Chosen Praise God.

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Sis. Victoria Olowoye

Lagos - Nigeria.

For 22 years she did not make use of her 2 legs properly because the were twisted. But she came to the crusade held in Lagos on 4th & 5th July 2009. Pastor prayed and called on those that can not make use of their legs to stand up and start making use of their legs. Suddenly, she stood up under the power of God, her 2 legs were stretched and strenthened, she started walking even climbed to the podium. She was very happy that God of Chosen restored her legs. Praise God.

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Bro. Emmanuel Nwaonuma

No. 9 Umudioke Nkpor Onitsha.

I joined the Lord's Chosen in July 2008.I want to thank God for healing me.I had an ugly experience, I was electrocuted thinking l was dead, but to God be the glory l survived it but rather it induced paralysis which lasted for 3 months, untill I carried it to the Church and God of Chosen touched me by his power and l got my healing.

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Bro. Chukwudi Okoye


In my working place an object hit me,and l fell and could not stand up again. For 15 months l had stroke that resulted to paralysis. I could not raise my hands, it was my mother that was feeding me, giving me plastic to urinate and also go to toilet. We have gone to several churches for prayers,yet nothing happened. My sister told my mother of a church she used to watch on the cable. She gave us money and told my mother to take me to Lagos where the church is. Then in the bus we boarded, a particular man saw us and told my mother to take me to The Lord's Chosen, my mother refused and told him the church we were going to. But the man put anointed handkachief in the water and gave me to drink. Before we could get to Lagos, l realised the colour of my urine changed to pure yellow, l told my mother that the handky is working. But she insisted we are not going to The Lord's Chosen, reason is that if my sister hears it she will not be happy. When we got there we paid for accommodation at a hotel. The Pastor of the Church attended to me, they were 15 men including a white man. After the prayers he gave us his E-mail and told us to go and return in 2010,we were more than 50 people he gave the same date. As we were leaving the church, one motocycle rider told us to go to The Lord's Chosen, that he is not a member but he has heard so much about what God is doing in that church. He assisted us to enter a vehicle that brought us to Ijesha bus-stop.This was happening before the the crusade titled "FROM SORROW TO JOY". A woman saw the General Overseer passing and called us because we don't know him.My mother backed me, she ran and met him, he asked us if we were in the service. My mother said yes, he said, he had prayed generally for everybody. He asked my mother to take me home and if she will believe in that prayer he will send one angel to follow us home.But my mother stood there, then he raised his hand and said "Father in heaven confirm his healing in Jesus name" Amen.I was annoyed, l thought he would have prayed for me like other pastors that will touch me and pray long prayers. What happened was as l slept that night, before morning l started raising my hands up and l can stand up with my two legs but cannot walk. My sister that comes from Port-harcourt to buy goods in Lagos came in to see us.She saw me standing and could not believe it because before, l can niether stand nor raise my hands up, my mother feeds me but after the pastor's prayer l saw these changes.My sister took us to port harcourt and took me to hospital. The nurse after examining me said l have shortage of blood. The nurse said we should buy blood but my mother said she has no money. In the night before going to bed l prayed, that same night l saw the pastor in the dream on white suit. As he entered the church, he commanded, anybody who could not walk let that person rise and walk. I stood up from where l was lying in that dream and started walking,the pastor paid particular attention to me. He prayed for me. He called the other poeple and told them that the devil has drank all my blood. Then he commanded blood in me. In the morning l woke up and realised i could walk perfectly. The nurse came and tested me and said my blood level is normal that l don't need blood and everybody was suprised seeing me walk normal. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Sis.Regina Anene

Idemili-Ogbaru Imo-State

I want to thank God for healing me of 3 years paralysis and sleepless nights caused by an accident l had 3 years ago. After the accident l was treating myself thinking it's what l can handle. Unfortunately, every attempt l made to cure myself failed. I went from one hospital to another still the problem remained. Infact, it got out of hand to the extent that l could not walk, nor sleep without sleeping tablets. I had exhausted all the avenues through which l could get healed. Somebody then, invited me to the lord's chosen crusade at Onitsha Titled " Time for God to prove his Power" .As l came on saturday at the crusade ground which was my first time in the Lord's Chosen, l heard testimonies and was encouraged. As the Pastor mounted the pulpit, he made some declarations concerning my health and instantly l found myself walking.I thank God for execising his healing power over my life.I never knew that l will walk again.I thank God for establishing this Lord's Chosen, without Chosen,so many people would have perished.

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Bro. Chinedu

MCC Road, Aba. Abia State, Nigeria.

It is by divine power that healings comes to the people of God. This was made manifest in my life as God healed me of vomiting of blood and paralysis that I suffered for more than four years. It happened that I started vomiting blood in the year 2006. Then I went to hospital but the treatment did not stop it. I went to another hospital at Onitsha and the same problem continued. From Onitsha, I was referred to Nnamdi Azikwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi. After the treatment at Nnewi, I could no longer walk. From there I went to Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, where I spent eight months. It was there the vomiting stopped but when I came back to the house, it started again. Then I was taken to a native doctor in Delta State; I spent two weeks there and came back and as I came back the problem started afresh. I kept on going there until 2009 when a woman told me to go to The Lord’s Chosen that the sickness would be healed. I went to The Lord’s Chosen but did not continue. Then I went to another hospital, they conducted test but nothing was diagnosed as the problem. Then I went to another hospital, they conducted tests and did not discover anything. The doctor told me to go home and come back the next day. He told me to bring ten thousand naira (N10, 000) while coming. All these while, I was not walking, I kept on vomiting blood. Then I came back to the house, put the ten thousand naira (N10, 000) in an envelop and went to The Lord’s Chosen, As God may have it, it was their service day, I put the money in an offering bag. When the Pastor was praying, he mentioned my case and prayed. As soon as he prayed and I claimed my healing, I became healthy instantly. From that church service, I walked on my own and went back to my house. I thank God for his divine healing upon my life. To God be the glory!

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Sis Dorothy Alagboso

Orlu Imo State Nigeria

I want to thank the Almighty God for granting me an instant relief from four years bondage of walking with the aid of a walking stick, which was as a result of arthritis. My daughter brought me to the Aba 2010 crusade and there, the Pastor commanded that those, who for years could not make use of their body should rise up and walk in Jesus Name. Then, Instantly, strength came into my body and I saw that I could use my body once again and walk freely. The God of Chosen is indeed great. It is a great miracle, I can hardly believe it. I give the God of Chosen all the glory; may His holy name be highly praised.

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Sis. Amarachi Onwuegbuchulam

No. 89 Port-Harcourt Road, Aba, Abia State Nigeria.

My first time in The Lord’s Chosen was yesterday, the first day of this Aba crusade tagged, "Time for God to prove His power". I came with excruciating pains in my leg which resulted from an accident I had ten months ago. During this period, I depended on clutches, but when I came that day, and during the prayer session, the Pastor mentioned my case and commanded my bones to join together. Instantly, I heard some cracking noise in that area of my leg and I threw the clutches away, stood firmly and walked about without them. That was how I received my healing after ten months that appeared like many years of affliction. I bless the name of this wonder working God for loosing me from this bondage and also for the life of His servant. I have never seen a thing like this before. I am so happy and relieved. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Daniel Yaehouanou

Kpo Kmasa Cotonou.

God proved his healing power in my life, God healed me of paralysis. He did this in my life by healing me of paralyzed hand that I suffered for more than 15 months. In the month of January 2009, I qualified as a professional photographer. From that day, as l started the work I went to take a photograph of a woman. Before going to the woman, I visited the people that attended my graduation ceremony to show my appreciation. Then I went to one woman, she said I should try both hand in taking photograph to know which hand is faster. She tried both hands and after that I could not lift one of my hands up again after few days. When this happened I started going to hospital for treatment. There is no type of treatment I did not receive in different hospitals because of this paralysis, yet the hand could not be lifted up. I was unable to do anything with the hand. When I came to this Cotonou crusade, the Pastor mentioned my case and directed I should lift up the hand. I lifted up the hand and since that day, I started making use of the hand. I can lift it up and use it to handle something. God has visited me and healed me of this paralysis I am grateful to him for the divine healing. To Him be all the glory.

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Bro. Chukwuemeka Nwamkpa

Ebonyi, State Nigeria.

What brought me to the Lord’s Chosen was a problem. My sister in-law was sick. They called me and I ordered my wife to go and bring her. As she came, I borrowed money to take her to the hospital. I tried as much as I could but to no avail, she told me to bring her to Chosen. However, I was reluctant. At a time, I agreed, just to please her. She was brought here and instantly she received her healing, from hence forth I became a Chosen. Last year, I had an accident. In fact, by August 28, I could not see outside. Last month as we had our combined service, I prayed seriously. I told God that in Chosen I have seen him brought a dead man back to life. I told him that my broken bone is not as big as that dead man he brought back to life. I sowed a seed. That very combined service our pastor mentioned it. He said, “Somebody is here, you have a broken bone, get up and start walking. “Indeed, I got up and began to walk. In the morning the next day, as I was praying, a voice told me to look at my leg. Immediately I looked at my leg and found out that the broken bone that came out has disappeared. Now I can walk without clutches and assistance.

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Bro. Uchenna Aja

Ijesha, Lagos State

I came to Chosen for the first time in 2009. I want to thank God for delivering me and given me salvation. God of Chosen also healed me from the dislocation on my hip at Mgbidi crusade in Imo State. I thank God for His wonderful works upon my life. Chosen praise God.

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Queen Ogunjobi.


I joined Chosen last year at the Crusade titled “God of Miracles” and I thank God for making me a Chosen. It all started about six years ago (2004) suddenly my two legs and hands got paralysed. I became helpless. I could not do anything. I could not bath myself I was being carried from one hospital to another. At last somebody invited me to Chosen crusade last year. My daughter brought me to the crusade on okada. I was lying on the floor at the crusade ground. It was raining during that crusade, but when the G.O mounted the pulpit and said “Amen” my bones started receiving strength. From there I stood up. He said again “remove your umbrella, the rain is showers of blessing.” Brethren after that very day, I went home with my two legs. Brethren, it was wonderful. I pray for my G.O my family and all the Chosen worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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