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Sister Nwakaego Ikpezie

Enugu State, Nigeria

“If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.” Dan 3:17 God has the ability to deliver from the, kingdom of darkness or cultic kingdom. In demonstration of His supreme power, God delivered me from the kingdom of darkness that has no name. It happened I was initiated into this kingdom of darkness through chaplet. When I was in secondary school, I was a junior student and the senior ones were maltreating us. I did not like it and was seeking for a way of revenge. One of my friends then gave me a chaplet to hold for her. She left the school before the closing time leaving the chaplet with me. I was happy saying that I have chaplet to pray in the church not knowing the chaplet is an occultic one. In the night l went to bed. While I was sleeping I saw myself in their kingdom, holding meeting with them. Surprisingly, the woman I am living with is the Queen of the kingdom. She told me that I have been resisting them but now I have to join them in the kingdom. I clearly told her that I will not join them because I am a Christian and attend church services regularly. She laughed and later told me that all the churches I attend belong to them. That those churches do come to them to collect power, she then challenged me to go to all the churches in Lagos to find out the truth in what she had told me. She said that I had no option that if I do not go, that I would die. On hearing this, I became afraid. I went to 48 churches in Lagos and their powers all came from satan. Later, I left Lagos for Benue State. In Benue State, I went to four churches and also discovered that their power of performing miracles come from satan. While I was in Benue State, I followed my sister to attend service at The Lord’s Chosen. They did not appear to demonstrate how the church or the Pastor acquired the power of performing miracles. By the time I got back to the kingdom, I asked them why they did not appear to show me how the church got her power of doing miracles. They said they will come. Then as I mentioned the name The Lord’s Chosen, everywhere started shaking as if there was thunder and earthquake. They warned me to mind how I mention the name of churches while in their kingdom. Again when I went to Enugu, I attended service at The Lord’s Chosen, I was in expectation of their coming to demonstrate how The Lord’s Chosen got their power of performing miracle but they did not come. I kept on asking them to show me how they gave power to The Lord’s Chosen but they did not show me. They told me they had 56 kingdoms but one church has collected all their members because of that, the 56 kingdoms have reduced to only six kingdoms. They did not tell me the names of the kingdoms. They told me to stop attending services at The Lord’s Chosen or they will kill me. When I was told this I become afraid and started going late to church services. While I was in Enugu, we had a state crusade titled “POWER OVER THEM”. On the Thursday preceding the crusade, I was coming late to the service, the Pastor met me and told me they will conduct deliverance on me. During the deliverance exercise, all the members of the kingdom appeared to me. They were demonstrating their powers but their power could not do anything to counter the deliverance exercise. They told me that the crusade day would be the day of the final battle. On the day of the crusade they all came as promised. They battled all they could but their power could not do anything. It was on that crusade day that I was finally and fully delivered. While I was in Benue State, we were preparing for the crusade. They told me they will not allow the crusade to take place. When they did everything within their powers to stop the crusade and they could not, they caused rainfall on the day of the crusade. The rainfall did not go anywhere to stop the crusade. Many of them that came on that day of the crusade were arrested. The chaplet used in initiating me is the means of communication with them. When I wear the chaplet on my neck I will put the mouth of the ear piece on the cross, put the ear piece and on my ear, I will start communicating with them. There are thing they produce in the kingdom. They produce rubber people wear on the wrist. They write Man u, Chelsea, Barca etc all those football clubs. Anybody that wears this rubber will fall their victim. They will be collecting the person’s blessings. Anything the person is doing will be going to them. There are some they write names of church on, they are all rubber band and the person who wears it suffers the same fate. There are clothes they produce in the kingdom. There is a lady drawn on the clothe they produce. They lady drawn on the clothes is not ordinary drawing, it is for initiation. This gown that exposes the back of the person wearing it is also from the kingdom. The one they draw something like toy is also from the kingdom. They have plans to start producing The Lord’s Chosen clothes and aprons so that they either sell it or give it free of charge to anybody that cares to collect it. They have produced slippers, scarf, wrist watches, belts. They want to use these materials to initiate as many souls as possible because time is very short. These things according to them will have the name of The Lord’s Chosen on them. I am grateful for my deliverance. They also produce beret; they also produce food. It is advisable to pray over anything you buy before using it. They gave me 10th of August as the day I will come back from visiting the churches. According to them, I will exchange my soul and then become a full member of the kingdom. When one exchanges his soul, one will begin to destroy souls but I have not done that. I thank God for delivering me. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Patrick Ogbonna


He testified,'how, after joining the Lords Chosen, God of Chosen granted him salvation.God of Chosen also helped him to complete the building which he was unable to complete a long time in his village, He gave him victory over his enemies and finally blessed him with a miracle car. Chosen praise the Lord.

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