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Sister Rejoice Chukwuemeka

Iba Newsite, Lagos, Nigeria

Man has no power on his own to do anything; the spirit of God helps man at all times in his actions especially the beneficial ones. God made me to understand the true nature of his power as he helped me to stop eight years bedwetting in my life. Naturally, when a child is born, he/she keeps on doing things as a child but as he grows the senses begin to develop and the child becomes conscious of what he does. He must carefully indicate when he is pressed to do so and does the same appropriately. When bedwetting continues after three years whether night or day, it has become abnormal. This abnormality of urinating on my bed continues in my life for good eight years. In the course of this during the years under review my parents tried all they could to stop me from urinating on my bed but they did not succeed. When I realized what was happening, I became ashamed of myself whenever I urinated on my bed. I kept on praying, asking God for divine intervention. The Pastor mentioned my case in one of the services in the course of his prayer ministration and I claimed it. From that day I received that prayer I stopped urinating on my bed. God has intervened in my case and I am very grateful unto him for remembering me. To God is the glory!

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Bro. John Chukwudi Chosen

Lagos - Nigeria

I want to thank God for His healing upon my life. I thank God for healing me of the cancer of the legs through our Pastor’s prayers. I was afflicted with the cancer of the legs. In the course of the sickness, I lost three of my toes. I could not longer walk on my own except using crutches. Then I met with Pastor and told him that the devil wants to take the legs I use in working for God. The Pastor prayed for me, cancelled the cancer, bind the spirit behind the sickness and declared me healed. Few days after the prayer strength came upon the legs, I had to throw away the crutches and started walking on my own. Today, I can walk on my own having received full healing of the legs. I thank God for divine healing upon my life. To God be the glory.

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Bro. Aloysius Ohaeri

Ukwuorji in Enugu State of Nigeria

I want to thank God for healing me of 17 years pains in my left leg and in my waist, which started when an unknown forces attacked me. These pains had made me to visit so many places both orthodox and alternative hospitals in search of healing and all that has been given me as treatments were not able to heal me of these pains. But as I came to Mgbidi crusade 2010, Pastor mentioned the case as he was praying and both the leg and waist pains were both healed. Also l was suffering from constant urinating that has lasted for 6 years but l was equally healed on that crusade day. God of chosen also healed me of 3 years high blood pressure as the pastor mentioned the case on that same day. Infact this God of chosen is a great God. God of Chosen also restored my manhood that seemed lost for the past 3 years. I had weak erection that would not allow me to perform as a man. In my efforts to restore it, l have visited hospitals but none could treat me. But Pastor mentioned my case in this crusade and l claimed it. And now my erection is normal. I am grateful to the God Almighty for visiting me in a special way. Chosen praise the Lord.

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