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Brother Mukaila

Sokoto State, Nigeria.

I am thanking God for making me a Chosen. I was formally a Muslim before I attended Abuja crusade and because there is no other name by which we can be saved except the name of Jesus, I had no option than to believe in Him. Formerly when I was at the other side, I used to go to mammy market everyday to chase women. Though I wanted to stop it but there was no will power to do it until I became a Chosen and God proved his power in my life. As it is now, I do not even remember that mammy market exists. However, I was accosted by his people who asked me why I should be a Christian while I was born a Muslim. I told them that what I has been looking for since I was born has been found in Chosen therefore nobody should disturb me. My In–laws went further to threaten me that since I decided to be a Christian, they will take their daughter away from me, I told them to take their daughter away because nothing will separate me from being a Chosen. When they saw that, that could not deter me, my wife went to the police and fabricated stories against me that I wanted to kill her. The police came, arrested and maltreated me. Then the police asked me, “when I married my woman, I was a Muslim, why did I join Christianity?” I answered then that I have found a true God in Chosen and nobody can divorce me from Chosen. Later they released me and I came back home. During the time fasting was organized for 3 days, I participated and in the process, our Pastor at Sokoto gave a word of knowledge and said anybody that is troubling a Chosen, he gave them 7 days to confess but if they fail, they will face the wrath of God. As I slept and woke up, my wife called me and confess all the evils she has been doing against me. After that, I went for the vigil of that Friday, our Pastor as he was praying said that all of them that came to that vigil, God will give us revelation. After that vigil, as I was going back home, there was this demon that used to follow me about (monitoring spirit) so as he was going home, that morning this demon came again but brother Mukaila told the demon, I am a Chosen 3 times and asked the demon ‘who are you’. And the demon disappeared for ever since that day. Furthermore as I slept that day, I saw my wife in the dream and she was begging me to take her to Chosen. According to her, the Chosen people prayers have destroyed all they have in their kingdom. I hesitated for a while and in that process our general Pastor appeared in that dream and he instructed her to go and beg our Pastor for forgiveness of the wrongs she had done to the Chosen son (that is her husband). She went and knelt down to beg our Pastor and in that process, I woke up. I am grateful to God for making me a Chosen, if not God of Chosen, I wouldn’t have known what would have happened to me and my family. I wish our Pastor and all the Chosen members heaven at last. To God be the glory.

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Bro Amechi and Sis. Joy Agbo


I want to thank God of Chosen for making me and my family Chosen. I am grateful to God for the gift of twin babies in my family. Since the pregnancy of these babies, God has been so merciful and favourable in my family. During the anti-natal attendance, doctor said that my wife would be delivered through operation because it's twin babies. Then we began to come for the Thursday deliverance and counseling service every week and as usual Pastor cancelled the operation. When the pregnancy was due, my wife was delivered of the twin-babies like Chosen women. I thank God for the journey mercy he granted me last year when I traveled home. I also thank God for His guidance, protection and favour upon favour since the birth of these children. May the name of the Lord alone be glorified in Jesus name…Amen. I pray for our General Pastor and all the Chosen heaven at last. Praise the Lord. Sister Joy ,(wife) speaks: When the doctor said I will deliever through operation, I was praying and said God, why must I born through operation? All other children that I have, I gave birth to them safely without any problem, but this one you want to give me twin babies, they want to come through operation. I said please God, cancel it for me. So I became afraid, each time I want to go but I will say ‘ Ohooo, operation?’ but thank God , God used one of our sisters here to deliver me. I went to her house. Even when I went to her house, she told me that the babies were not well- positioned but that I should not worry before I will give birth, God of Chosen will do something. So on the day of my delivery, the girl came out first without any problem. When the boy wanted to come out, he was coming with his buttocks, the sister midwife shouted. God of Chosen, I asked her what is going on, she said the baby is coming out with buttocks. I said God deliver me, help me, before one knew what was happening , the baby came out . I thank God that the devices of the enemy were disappointed. I thank God. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Dele Shiabu Adiku

Abuja - Nigeria.

He was in the Lord's chosen Crusade tittled, "God's Perfect Touch" held in Abuja 1st and 2nd August, 2009.He came being deaf and dumb for 14 years.But as the Pastor was praying on the crusade ground, instantly,the yoke of deaf and dumb broke and he became free. Chosen Praise God.

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