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Sis.Agwu Evelyn

7b Owoseni Street, Off Oduduwa bus stop, Itire-Ikate, Lagos

I thank the God of Chosen for granting me salvation. I also want to thank God for all the wonderful things he's been doing for me and my family since we all became Chosen. Last week Friday, during the youth programme, when the pastor mentioned that miracle Jobs would be granted, I claimed it and immediately l reached home, I recieved a call from a neighbor, who said that l should come and work as a cafe manager for his uncle which l resumed on Monday this week and I am being paid well. Praise the Lord! For my pastor, I pray that the Lord who started his good work in your life would surely complete it in Jesus Name I pray Amen. And that My God would grant you, your heart desires and You and every member of the Chosen shall make Heaven At Last in Jesus Mighty Name I Pray Amen.

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Brother Hillary Ozoenezu

N0. 7 St. Mary Street Isashi Iba LCDA Lagos State.

I thank God for healing me on 12th August, 2012 Sunday evening after combined service. As I got home I felt cold and fever all over my body and it came to me more stronger and at that moment l did not have money to buy drugs that evening. I remembered my chosen apron and I went and took it wore it and slept that night. I woke up with a great sneeze and heat all over me that night. Since then I have not seen any malaria again. praise God.

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Brother Richard Okah

No. 3 School Road Rumuokwurisi,Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

I had a very wicked boss, who belongs to one of the evil societies around. This man made life unbearable for everyone under him in that office including my very self. He worked against everyone's progress and stopped our promotions from one level to another and denied us all our entitlements. While he remained the head, no staff did well in that office. It was so bad that every morning you wake up and remember that you were going to that office; your heart will fail you. Once he told me that he had three eyes, the third being the one that sees beyond the physical. He was a jugular in our necks. We used to write our names each morning on a blackboard that was provided for the same purpose, and against each name, this evil man would write whatever he wished. For instance he could write "No progress", "You will die within a specified date" and so on. I suffered these attacks from him then because I was not a Chosen. When I joined The Lord’s Chosen, however the tide changed. It took a turn against him and he reaped all his evil seeds. When I came and saw the Power of God, I sued him to the Court of Heaven, before the righteous Judge. I was in Lagos for July 2009 programme tagged, "TIME FOR GOD TO PROVE HIS POWER" and the case was mentioned and a command released from the pulpit concerning it. Before I returned to my station, the man had been sent packing. The man, who made things difficult for everyone and Helds way while he remained the boss in that oil and gas company, was sacked to the surprise of other colleagues of mine. That was when and how we breathed a sigh relief. Today, to God Almighty be the glory, I have received my promotion and all that were due to me. The God of Chosen is so great. He has indeed proved His Power in my life in a once ugly and helpless situation. Words are indeed insufficient for me to appreciate all that this dependable God has done for me. May His Holy name be forever magnified, in Jesus name. To my Pastor, my prayer is that this God who called him will never leave him alone. His presence will continue to be with him, in Jesus name.

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