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Ambe alfred neba

Department of Accounting, Gombe State university, Gombe Nigeria

I found The Lords Chosen ministries on the satellite broadcast as I searched for spiritual stations and immediately liked the doctrine since I was already an admirer and infrequent worshiper in Deeper life church. As soon as l got married and my wife loved Chosen very much. Then we located it in Gombe and soon fellowshiped with it and have taken part in it's programs. God answered a difficult question for me that concerned where I should study for my Ph.D because for many years no university I applied to, took me for the program. With Chosen I got the admission in Sri Lanka and while I could not pay all alone and given the hard conditions of taking up the studies which meant loosing my house and salary etc. God intervened and I was able to start the studies which I am in now. Praise the Lord for his wonders in Jesus Name, Amen.

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Sis. Justina Oshiokpekhar

Benin, Edo State. Nigeria

I want to testify to the glory of God, how God of Chosen healed me of 4 years cancer of the lungs that almost killed me. For the past four years, I have been tormented by this sickness. At the initial stage, nobody knew what it was, l was taken to several hospitals and orthodox homes and they could not tell me what was wrong with me. The sickness has on many occasions destabilized my life. In fact, at Satellite hospital, the doctor told me it was a chronic case. I took more than 7 x-rays yet they were unable to heal me. I traveled and told my parents about my problems, they suggested we visit native doctors. In one of the native doctor’s we went to, it was this native doctor who told me that it was cancer of the lungs. From that time, I started to lose weight. Anybody who sees me that time would think that I am suffering from AIDS. At a point, I stopped taking drugs I decided to seek the face of God by meeting some men of God. In my former church, I went to my Pastor and he prayed for me but nothing happened. I went to a popular church to see the man of God to pray for me which he did but the sickness became worse. On the 19th of December, 2009, I was taken to a town called Ukpella in Edo State where they said they will bath me and I will be made whole. The sickness was so serious that I was saying I will not die but live, I will not die but live to glorify the name of God. At this Ukpella, after all what they did, nothing good came out of it. It happened that one morning that I decided to call one of my brothers to tell him about my deteriorating condition. As I called him, he said sister please come to Abuja, The Lord’s Chosen Church, no matter how deteriorated your condition may be, God will heal and deliver you. They wanted to take me to another native doctor at that same Ukpella but the sacrifices they said I will perform made me afraid. The next day, I deceived them by telling them that I was going to collect money from my brother. That same day, I traveled to Abuja to meet my brother who took me straight to The Lord’s Chosen in Abuja after seeing my condition. In fact, from that moment I entered the church building, that is , The Lord’s Chosen, it is only God that can say what happened. What I noticed was that I was not having any sign of sickness again. Everything disappeared, I became myself again. That was how cancer of the lungs was healed in my life. That was how God of Chosen delivered me from the bondage of cancer. I have been to many hospitals, many herbal homes without solution . But in less than 24 hours, I entered The Lord’s Chosen, and received prayer from the Pastor, everything vanished. This Lord’s Chosen is the Finger of God. No wonder Pastor said if your church cannot change you, you change your church. My church did not change me but today I have changed my church and I have received healing. I am now a Chosen. This God that healed me, delivered me is my God and I must worship Him throughout the days of my life. I wish pastor and the entire Chosen members heaven at last. Praise the Lord.

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Brother Richard Ekwe

Army barracks Sabo Yaba.

I joined Chosen just last June at the programme titled “…And the Enemies Submitted.” Am grateful to God for making me a Chosen. I had been to other Churches, though I was born and brought in an orthodox church. But since I have been visiting other places l have never seen where the word of God is preached undiluted like in Chosen and so l decided to pitch my tent in Chosen. I am grateful to God for saving me from a terrible accident that would have been fatal. I secured job in a particular company as a driver and so my boss instructed me to go and check a particular vehicle and know what was wrong with it. I checked the vehicle and found out that the vehicle needed servicing and communicated same to my boss but my boss paid deaf ears to me on the pretext that the company is a small company and could not afford the money to service the vehicle. One fateful day, I was told to carry the vehicle with goods to Ogbomoso. Along the road, before Ibadan, the vehicle began to develop fault, the vehicle was over heating but through mercy of God, they were able to get to Ogbomosho and as God of Chosen would have it, at the front of the company where the goods was delivered, the Lord’s Chosen branch was there and I went into the church and thanked God for his goodness upon his life. On my way back from the journey, the back axle of the vehicle fell off, that would have caused a fatal accident if l had been on high speed on the highway but thank God, God took control and eventually brought me back safely. Finally l pray for double anointing for our G.O and that God will continue to be with all the Chosen world-wide. Amen. Praise the Lord!

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