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Sis Mmesoma Friday

Lagos - Nigeria.

Chosen praise the lord!I was deaf and dumb for 9 years.I was brought to the crusade "Time for God to prove his Power" and as the pastor was praying and making declarations for ears and mouth to lose, instantly, l felt a sensation and suddenly the power of God overwhelmed me, before l knew it, my tongue loosed and my ears opened. I could hear and speak now.

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Bro. Adekola Mukaila

Sokoto State

I want to thank God for His Goodness and Mercy upon my life and that of my wife. I thank God for making me a Chosen. Before I came to Chosen, I was from a Muslim family but today, I am a Christian and a Chosen. When I was a Muslim, I was fornicating and doing all sorts of evil but from the day I came to Chosen service and heard the salvation message from the Pastor, I stopped doing those evil things. I joined The Lord’s Chosen during Abuja crusade 2010. So, as I got back to Sokoto, I decided to change from Muslim to Christian. As I changed to Christianity, the parents of my wife said I will no longer marry their daughter as I have changed from Muslim to Christianity. I sent people to go and beg my in-laws to allow me continue to marry my wife they all refused but during the last “ Hope for the Needy” 2010 programme I came and presented the matter to God of Chosen. In the course of the Pastor’s ministration he made a declaration and said “ There is a man here the parents of your wife have taken your wife from you but I give them three weeks for them to return your wife back to you”. To my greatest surprise, two weeks after the crusade, early in the morning my phone rang and they were my in-law calling. I was wondering what this man will be calling me for. He said Mukaila please come I want to see you this morning before you go to work. He said I should come and collect my wife, that I am free to come and take her. When she came back to my house, she told me that she will never follow me to church, that she is not a Christian but a Muslim but to the glory of God, today, my wife has become a Chosen. She follows me to church since I joined Chosen, God is faithful and kind to me. I wish my Pastor and every Chosen member heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen. To God be the glory!

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Brother Chima Obiora

No. 62 Owerri Road, Imo State, Nigeria.

I want to thank the Almighty God for His great deliverance upon my life and for granting me salvation. As a member of Bakassy cult I was employed as a security worker to officer in Aba. Most times, I will be asked to work in Onitsha. Anywhere there is a serious problem that is where they will draft me to. I was called “Ochiabuto” meaning that laughter does not signify friendship. This is because “that I laugh with you does not mean I am friendly or happy with you.” I was to be taken to the river for bath. That bathing endowed me with many powers as I have power all over my body (fingernails inclusive). Thereafter we were taken to Lagos by our Master. We worked in Auto Parts in Balogun. As we continued to work, my rank rose to second in command because I was doing well. After some time, spirit of jealousy entered into our master he first leveled one allegation against me that made him to take us back to Aba. Thereafter he added poison into my food, indeed, I ate that food but nothing happened to me, as I noticed that he wanted to kill me, I left the job on my own. I got another place in Aba. But before then, I want to say here that the good God of Chosen has been preserving me even before I became a Chosen. The poison given to me was supposed to kill me but God sustained my life. So, one day I took off and went to my village. We sat under the mango tree drinking and smoking. A Chosen brother came and preached to us. At first we did not listen because I believed I have different type of powers. Meanwhile, the people I was relaxing with left the scene. As I was aggressive with him. But when he saw my mood, he said that he did not come to fight. He began to preach to me. He said if I refused to repent that I would die. Eventually fear gripped me. I developed serious interest in his preaching. I told him that I was interested in repenting but I had a raster hair and to barb that hair they said that I will bring one female and two males for sacrifice before I can cut it. The brother said with man that it was impossible but with God all things are possible. He took me to the Lord’s Chosen in Owerri, prayed for me and thereafter, barbed the hair with razor. Brethren, nothing happened to me. When I was initiated they said if I don’t do sacrifice with two men and one female that I would die. Since that day, I joined Chosen fully. Now many native doctors, witches that knew that I have power saw that I have repented followed me to join Chosen! Chosen praise the Lord.

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